6 Most Expensive Foods Around The World 

Food is considered a necessity for humans to survive but it can also be thought of as a luxury. Every country possesses their own culture and a variety of dishes to accompany that. The flavor and spices would definitely depend according to the particular countries and their history. However, this doesn’t go for the concept of expensive food. 

This is because the reason behind the expensiveness of a food depends on the ingredients used and its quality. It is relatively expensive for a lot of people despite living in different countries. However, this is always the possibility of using ingredients that aren’t usually available in one country so any dishes related to it could be highly priced. Well, it is obvious that an ice cream covered in gold plated paper would definitely be costly in any country. Moreover, not everyone gets to taste the atrocity of such foods because they aren’t for the common man when it comes towards affordability. But it also is interesting to look out for the various different and unique things within the world that might seem absurd but intriguing at the same time. 

Here is a compressed list of the various expensive foods around the world, some common while others unknown: 

White Truffles

White truffles are expensive because they require special and specific conditions to be grown. They need to be given extra care and evaluation as they are planted, or else they wouldn’t grow properly and have defects. Even the methods to retain its flavor and particular qualities can be a difficult process to grow through. This is the reason why it is usually available within luxurious restaurants or locations. It is heard that a kg of white truffles can go for about 7000 euros. Not many understand how it is incorporated within dishes but it can be used within seafood and pasta. Obviously, not everyone can find its taste to be suitable for their taste buds so if you’re not one those rich individuals then experimenting this would definitely end up as a mistake. 

Matsutake Mushrooms

These mushrooms are decreasing at a fast pace because they can’t be grown within any area. Once again, they require care and are actually rarer than any other expensive food. They are sold for as high as $600 for a kg. They are mostly found in Japan, as known by its name as well. Moreover, they are speedily seeing a decline because cultivating these mushrooms is close to impossibility. If you’re a mushroom fan and have the money to spend, then try these out before they become extinct for good. 


Among the expensive food dishes ever prepared within the world, Caviar is the most commonly tried. Even though it is popular, it is actually quite rate which is what makes it a delicacy. Caviar is basically pickled roe and consists of various types, while a good portion of them being just as expensive as the other. One of the most famous one of these is the beluga sturgeon, which is becoming endangered by the day. Caviar itself is enjoyed throughout Europe and is a constant hit in the menus of restaurants that are luxurious or caters towards celebrities. Not every country can have it included in the menu of their five star hotels because many third-world countries, especially, can’t even afford it in the first place. 

Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef is definitely a recommended among all of these foods because of its consistent texture and proper flavor. If cooked right one can never go wrong with it, as it contains all the meaty flavors jam-packed. Going by the name, it is native to Japan and again is prepared through a steady and long-going process. The meat is super tender and can actually melt in one’s mouth despite the metaphor. Cows need to be conditioned in certain ways while given a specific set of food for them to give juicy wagyu meat. You can’t expect simple grooming of a cow to give rise to this highly tender meat. 

Kopi Luwak coffee

Even though this doesn’t come under the category of food but the impressive nature of Kopi coffee compels it to make it into this list. It is produced within South-East Asia and South Asia. It can go as high a $1000 per kg. The reason behind its expensive nature is because it gets a rich taste as it is made from the feces of an animal called palm civet. Even though, it sounds disgusted, its taste is actually acknowledged by people who have had the privilege of taking a sip. There are farms of such animals as they are fed with the coffee beans and then the bags of kopi coffee are prepared. Though, it is understandable why people are quite hesitant over trying this one because not everyone wants to digest an animal’s poop just for luxury. 

Foie gras

Foie gras is made from fattened goose or duck liver. It remains a delicacy because of its tender and rich taste as it melts in the mouth. The production process includes, similar to the ones you have witnessed above, feeding the animals with enough food to derive the meaty goodness. Even though, one gets to receive good meat but it becomes a burden on the animals as they have to go through a difficult process of force-feeding

It is completely alright if you spend your entire life without getting to taste any of these. It is difficult to have enough as one tries expensive food around the world. Not to mention, you can always find better and even tastier food at a significantly lesser price anyways so there’s no need to give in to the desire of doing something ‘different’. Regardless, if you ever get the opportunity to try such stuff, there is no harm in going for it because life doesn’t last for long.  

What do you think of the situation? Have you tried any of these foods before? If so, which one did you get to try and did it suit your taste buds? Share your thoughts. 


Contributed by Gerald Porche

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