How to Design an Elegant Staff Uniform

Whether you work in the restaurant or the hotel industry, it is important to understand that your staff members are the main ambassadors of your business. The way they present themselves is just as important as the services that they deliver, so you need to put a lot of consideration into designing an elegant staff uniform that suits the image of your business. In what follows we will discuss a few important factors that you should consider when designing your staff uniform.


Customers take notice of every detail of a business, so for the staff to be presentable, they should always wear clean uniforms made of quality materials. To pick the right material for the staff uniform, consider the working environment. For example, chef uniforms should be made of quality materials that allow the skin to breathe, cotton being the most convenient option. The same goes for servers that work outdoors in warm weather. On the other hand, if your staff works in an air-conditioned environment, you should choose polyester as it is a more insulating fabric. If you run a high-end establishment like a 5-star hotel or restaurant, you can also choose more luxurious fabrics for your servers.


Despite the fact that in the service and tourism industry, the uniform is used for aesthetic reasons, it is important for it to allow the staff to perform their daily tasks with ease. So, it should have a good tailoring that allows for comfortable movements, and it should have features that facilitate the staff’s tasks such as pockets for the server’s aprons. Since we already mentioned the importance of fabrics, you could also consider some fabrics that come with certain convenience features such as stain or flame resistance.


Even in a more casual atmosphere, uniforms add a touch of professionalism to a business. Nonetheless, it is important for the uniform the reflect the image of the business. For example, for a rustic restaurant, the servers’ uniforms could feature a tweed waistcoat and a bowtie. For a casual dinner, you can opt for plain white shirts and custom neckties. For quality staff neckties, we recommend MyCustomNeckties as they use quality fabrics and they give you full freedom to customize the ties. For a more luxurious environment, you could opt for tuxedos with satin lapel jackets. If possible, try to integrate your brand colors into the uniform. You can do this by choosing specific colors for the shirts or the custom neckties.

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