6 Great Family Summer Vacation Spots

Summer is here and we all have one thing on our minds – vacation! The kids are out of school, the sun is shining, and the summer breezes are calling your name. It’s a perfect occasion to spend some quality time with your family.  Take advantage of your vacation days by packing the most fun and adventure into this year’s summer getaway with your loved ones.

If you live in or near North Carolina, these 6 summer vacation spots will be perfect for you and your family. So grab your sunglasses, put on your favorite flip flops, and let’s swim on over to the first destination on our list.

1. The Smokies

No, we don’t mean the English rock band from the UK. When we say Smokies, we are talking about the one and only Great Smoky Mountains. With a whopping 11 million visits per year, it’s no wonder that it is the most popular national park in the United States.

The whole family will enjoy the activities the Smokies has to offer. Start your summer off with great outdoorsy activities, like zip-lining, rafting, and hiking. The Smokies are a great place to start off your summer. Get up close and personal with mother nature as you pitch a tent or rent a cozy log cabin to truly get a vacation vibe.

2. Carowinds

If the down-to-earth vacation vibe doesn’t suit your needs, why not spend a family summer getaway at a unique and activity-filled amusement park? Carowinds is a 400-acre amusement park that is not known to disappoint. With a theme park and water park all in one, you can spend an afternoon riding some of the top-rated roller coasters and finish the day off in the lazy river! There’s an area for young children, and some great food and drinks to accommodate the adults. And the most special park about Carowinds? The park rests on the border of North and South Carolina, marking two states off your vacation bucket list!

3. Charleston Islands

Known for their 5 impressive beach towns, Charleston Islands offers enough unique experiences to accommodate just about anybody. Each island has something special, and so no matter what you’re looking for, you can find it.

If your ideal vacation is relaxing by the pool, Seabrook Island offers just that. For those of you who have a four-legged family member, the Kiawah island has pet-friendly rentals that ensure a great vacation even for your furry loved one. No matter which resort you choose, you will have access to miles of immaculate beaches, mouth-watering southern cuisine, and unforgettable memories.

4. Lake Lure

If you’ve ever seen Dirty Dancing, Lake Lure might ring a few bells. However, other than its famous film spots, Lake Lure is a perfect area to enjoy a summer vacation with the family.

Located on the west side of North Carolina, this charming town is everything you would imagine a lakefront vacation to be. Enjoy fun activities such as zip-lining, water sports, and lounging on a private beach for an entire week. You can even take a family bike ride through the historic town and visit a few gift shops along the way. There’s nothing better than enjoying the sights and sounds of summer.

5. The Cove Bed & Breakfast

If you want to take your family somewhere really cool this summer, consider checking out the Cove Bed & Breakfast in Ocracoke Village. Located on an isolated island known as Ocracoke Island, guests are encouraged to use the complimentary bikes to explore, a private dock to accommodate boats and a free breakfast that often includes freshly picked figs. This summer vacation is best suited for families with children in their teens. And the unique bed and breakfast also includes free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

6. North Carolina Zoo

Located in Asheboro, the North Carolina Zoo is the largest walk-through zoo in the United States. With 2,000 acres at their disposal, this zoo makes sure that their 1,600 furry habitants are happy and healthy. This is primarily a great vacation choice for the animal lover families. This zoo offers experiences that will not only fascinate but will also educate – the best of both worlds! Other than simply viewing the wildlife, this zoo also has different exhibits and attractions that include a Zoofari, a rope course, a bird show, and more!

When you are looking to go on vacation with your family, the list of possibilities goes on and on. Take advantage of what nature has in store, whether it’s climbing the Rocky Mountains or sunbathing on the beach. Just remember that the most important part of your summer vacation is spending precious time with your family. Safe travels!


Contributed by Eve Wheate


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