6 Essential Baby Care Tips for New Moms

Being a first-time mom is akin to being thrown into a new world where the ruler has no boundaries or respect for anyone’s time, and you have a magnificent duty assigned to you with no prior training. The boss in your new world is a grumpy but equally charming tiny human. Given the circumstances, it is easy to feel inadequate with all the responsibilities like breastfeeding and soothing the baby piling on your shoulder. Being a new mom is no easy task, but equipped with the right tips, you will breeze through and enjoy all that motherhood throws at you. Here are some essential baby care tips all new moms should know:

Learn to handle your little one with care

Babies’ bodies are delicate and require all the care when handling them. Hold them gently. When holding them, one arm needs to be supporting the baby’s spine, and their head should be on the crook of the other arm. Support the baby’s head since they do not have proper neck support in the first few months. When switching hands, ensure that one hand supports the baby’s head. Ask your paediatrician to advise you on how best to hold your baby to keep them safe.

Trim nails

You do want your nails digging into your baby’s delicate skin. Trim your nails regularly to avoid hurting your little one. Babies can use their nails to scratch their faces. Ensure that you trim their nails regularly as well. Be gentle and cautious and preferably when they are asleep.

Use safe baby products

Once again, your baby’s skin is delicate. Their sensitive skin is usually prone to irritation and rashes. Use products that won’t be harsh on their skin or eyes. Always go for baby care products that are fragrance-free and devoid of unnecessary additives. A high-quality baby product like a tear free baby shampoo will not dry out your baby’s skin or trigger any allergies.

Bond with the baby

Part of taking care of the baby is bonding with them and assuring them that they are safe with you. Build an emotional connection with your little one. Give them skin to skin contact so that they can feel your warmth. Respond to their emotional needs and cradle them. When breastfeeding, maintain eye contact so that the baby gets familiar with you. It will help the two of you bond.

Sterilize their bottles and breast pump

Your baby is still trying to boost its immunity. Help keep infections at bay by sterilizing their feeding bottles. Twice a day should be enough. Do the same with the breast pump.

Dress them correctly

Baby cloth stores are never short of fanciful and gleaming clothes. They are, no question, appealing to the eyes. However, the visual appeal should not be the only factor you consider when selecting baby clothes. Go for clothes that are stretchable, soft and easy to wear. Stick with fabrics like cotton, which are friendly to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Wrapping up

Taking care of a new baby is a challenging yet fulfilling job. You need to be at your best to care for your baby best. Do not forget to care for yourself. Never be afraid to ask for help or take some time for yourself. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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