5 Tips to Light Up Your Living Room

Most homeowners spend a lot of time trying to find just the right sofa, looking for that ideal vintage wooden table top and discussing the different shades of paint that will round up their living room and turn it into an exquisite piece of art. But most of them simply fail to realize just how important proper lighting conditions are for the look and feel of their living room, the space where most of the family spends their time either by themselves or entertaining various guests. If you’re one of such home owners, then this nifty little list of tips on how to adequately light up your living room is the right thing for you.

Accent specific features

When it comes to highlighting specific features in the living room such as your grand fireplace, an old painting hanging on the wall or simply adding more texture to otherwise bare and bland walls, accent lighting is your number one ally. Adjustable recessed lights that are used to direct attention to particular points of interest, as well as under-cabinet lights aimed at highlighting a handful of important objects such as awards and trophies are just some of the examples of accent lighting you can easily incorporate into your living room design.

Add a bit of style with ambient lighting

Unlike accent lighting, which focuses both the light and the attention towards a specific feature, ambient lighting is used to diffuse light and provide that much-needed warm, intimate glow that is ideal for dinner parties and informal sit-downs with friends and coworkers. When using ambient lighting, you should aim at creating a specific atmosphere where the light is illuminating a room without the source of light being apparent and in-your-face, so to speak. Ambient lighting works best when paired with light dimmers, as it allows you to control the level of intimacy in the room depending on the situation and the type of guests you’re trying to entertain.

Decorate the room with ornamental lights

Adding a bit of sparkle to your living room is best accomplished using decorative chandeliers, ornate hanging pendants and table lamps, provided that they are just a tiny bit over the top regarding their overall aesthetics, as well as the amount and type of light they give off. They are excellent for those looking for ways to add a personal touch to an otherwise dull living room. Think of decorative lights as an accessory, instead of the main point of the room.

Have you considered task lighting?

Most people simply don’t have the luxury of creating a separate space that’s going to be used as an in-home office and use their living rooms to finish up their work. This is understandable, once you realize that living rooms are often the best lit rooms in the entire house, even if they’re not exactly designed to accommodate accomplishing a specific work-related task. This is where task lighting comes into play, as they’re mostly used only when needed. These include desk lamps, floor lamps and basically any localized light that can be positioned in such a way to allow you to finish a particular task.

Avoid under- or over-lighting at all costs

There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful living room being smothered by excess light. Not only is it not pleasant on the eyes, but it can also completely ruin all the effort you’ve put into designing a perfect living room. Not to mention that hundreds of small holes in the ceiling all shining bright LED light are far from a pretty sight. Instead, try to focus more on a single central pendant. Under-lighting is even worse, as it causes unnecessary strain on the eyes and takes away the intimacy of the room. If you happen to have a couple of bulbs die on you at the most inconvenient of times, don’t be hesitant to call in a Sydney electrician to help you out.

These are just some of the ways you can incorporate various lighting solutions into your living room in order to accentuate specific features, create a more intimate atmosphere or simply accomplish a task without having to worry about straining your eyesight spending thousands of dollars on over-the-top lamps and shades. Lighting is there to accentuate a room, so try to incorporate the lighting fixtures with the overall aesthetic design of the room and don’t be afraid to experiment until you’ve achieved just the right lighting conditions.

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