5+ Tips on How to Become a Happy Student with a Happy Life

Do you wish holidays were longer and school days, less? Well, you are not alone. Many students associate education with stress, and sometimes, many are prone to wonder if it is worth all the effort. Even the straight-A students have this bout of emotions.

Can you find a balance between studies and social life? You may wonder. It is possible to attain high grades and be happy at the same time, without stressing over life as a student. You can get help with your assignments, study concepts, and even a personal statement writer.

The following tips will help you enjoy your life as a student, have a look at them:

1. Make Friends

Friends are a vital part of life. No one wants to be alone, even loners. Make friends with the people who make you happy. However, you shouldn’t just have any friends; they should be good friends.

The ones that push you in the right direction, those that are by your side even when things go wrong. They give you comfort, encourage you to be your best possible self. Those are the friends to keep around.

2. Join a Club

While we go to school to get good grades and move to the next level; education is not just limited to the classroom. If you have a passion for, say, art or a particular game, join a club that focuses on that.

You get to interact with individuals who share the same interest. Chances are you won’t feel uncomfortable starting conversations with them. You get to have fun as you learn a new skill, too.

3. Go out once in a while

You can hire a personal writer for your personal statement writing services, needs. When you do, get time and go out, see and explore the world. You don’t have to remain cooped up in your room, rotating from classes, library, dorm, and not forgetting the mess hall.

If you do, you become a lifelike zombie. Take some them away from the pressure of studying. Have fun and let your mind rejuvenate for the next lessons or study sessions. Have a life, by all means.

4. Exercise

The flow of adrenaline in your body will do you good and keep you in good moods. Exercise can also act as a stress reliever. When you feel like everything is turning from bad to worse in your life, punching a bag, taking a jog, cycling around can do wonders.

It gives you time to reflect on the positive things. To release your frustrations and with the sweat flowing on your body, you can come up with another way forward from your situation. You could also catch a glimpse of how you are in a better position than others.

5. Get a Journal

Writing down your thoughts helps you to reflect on them. Sometimes, saying what you mean, out loud may not be as articulate or exhaustive as writing them down. Get a diary and take notes of your thoughts, the flow of ideas.

You are not only improving your writing skills but also releasing negative energy. Personally, I find it easy to write down my thoughts because most times they run wild and they fascinate me that I want to reflect on them later.


If you feel like school is weighing you down, you have not tried the above tips. Check them out; it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. For life to make sense, then you got to be happy about it. Students, the above points will change your perspective on school life, and you will no longer dread school days.

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