5 Things You Should Look for When Buying A Dining Room Table

If you think about the dining rooms you have come across, one thing comes to mind. The well-put ones always have the best dining tables. Quality dining room tables are crucial and are the top determiners of how well your dining room comes together. You don’t just wake up and buy a dining room table. Coming up with a dining table that has everyone talking about takes time and effort. Before visiting that furniture shop or purchasing a dining table online, you must make essential considerations. This article looks at five main qualities to look for. 

The Size of the Dining Table 

The best dining room table serves as the focal point of your dining room and typically sets the stage for it. Before purchasing, analyze the space you have. Available space will influence the dining table size you purchase. Quality dining room tables are proportional and fit well in your area. You don’t want a dining table that is extremely big or small for your space. 

A size that fits well into your dining room will ensure that users do not collide or bump against each other as they dine. Therefore, choose a size that allows free movement too. Don’t just fall in love with a dining table design. Find a size that works with your space. 

Functionality and Versatility 

Think about the purpose(s) you want your dining table to serve. Will it be used for dining alone or be multipurpose for playing games and crafting, a working space for yourself and children’s schoolwork, and so on. Think about the number of people who might use the table in one sitting. Will you use it to host large groups of people or for a small number? 

Versatility is about ensuring that the dining table you buy can adapt to your changing needs. If it will serve multiple purposes, it is best to look for one that is somehow versatile, for example, a pull-out or one with an adjustable height to double as a desk. It is always best to buy a dining table to accommodate other changes like décor and themes. 


Dining room tables are available in various shapes: rectangular, square, oval, or round. That is not to say there are no other shapes available. Manufacturers are now experimenting with all kinds of shapes. Either way, a dining table’s shape is vital as it plays a role in how well the table fits into your space. 

For example, round and square tables work well with small and squared spaces. Rectangular and oval dining tables are excellent choices for large and rectangular dining rooms or rooms that appear longer. You will find that round dining tables are more suitable for engagement and holding conversations than long rectangular ones. 

The wrong shape looks and feels awkward even in a suitable space; therefore, choose a shape as determined by your space and seating preferences. 

Design Style 

Your dining room should directly reflect personal taste and the design style you favour. That is why as you choose your dining table, you must choose one that will work toward creating a cohesive theme. Think about the style of the table by considering whether you want a table that’s sleek, modern, classy, traditional, etc. Settling on a particular design will help you build and design the other aspects of your dining room, like furnishings or accessories. 

The dining table design is about general comfortability during use. Supposing you have a physically challenged family member who uses a wheelchair, the table should be high enough for the wheelchair to fit appropriately underneath it. The height also needs to be ideal for resting arms. The design you choose also needs to have a favourable height for intended users, children, and adults. 

Colour is also an essential aspect of design. For one, the chosen colour should blend well with the interior to help avoid clashing. Choose a colour that can work with changing themes, for example, greys, blacks, and browns. You also want to consider a colour that will not be very challenging to maintain. If you have kids, steering from a very light colour or a matt white dining table and opting for a colour like black or one with natural tones is best. Dining tables can be multipurpose, depending on your needs. They are susceptible to spills as well. 


The material you choose for your dining room table is not only important for aesthetics. It is vital for the table’s durability and maintenance and plays a role in its cost. With material, think about heat and scratch resistance. Weathered wood tables are ideal if you are looking for a more natural or rustic style. Other dining tables are made with glass or marble tops, appearing more modern and giving a contemporary look. 

The simple rule is to choose a particular material after analyzing the said factors. Tables made from hardwood, metal, tempered glass, or those with mould-injected plastics tend to last long. Those made from veneer, plywood, or fiberboard may last for a substantially shorter time. 

Final Thoughts 

You may be overwhelmed as you look at different dining tables to purchase on the website Stripy Dot. It is not as straightforward as many people think. It can be challenging to settle on a quality one because of the many available varieties. That is why we have provided you with the key elements you need to consider before purchasing a dining table. 

Taking time to weave all these factors together and analyze them carefully before buying will help guarantee a table that won’t disappoint. It is always best to look out for these considerations while working within your allocated budget. 

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