Factors to Consider Before Changing A Mattress

Are you experiencing frequent back pain and finding it hard to sleep? Well, one of the major reasons might be your mattress. If you are sleeping on an old mattress, which has lost its charm then you will certainly experience some major sleeping issues. The real question here is when is it the time to change your mattress. Let’s look at some of the factors that must be kept in mind before changing the mattress.

Size of your mattress

If your family has expanded and it is time that you buy a new mattress that is big enough for the family, for instance, an Alaskan king bed mattress for sale, can serve this purpose, perfectly. If you have moved in with your partner, have a baby, or noticed significant changes in weight, then it’s time for you to change your mattress. Otherwise, you might experience a lot of discomfort while sleeping on a smaller mattress.


The age of your mattress is another crucial factor to consider before you rush to change your mattress. Many people do not change their mattresses for long periods of time, and this is the exact reason that they are experiencing immense discomfort at night. For a peaceful night’s slumber, it is essential that you remember the age of your mattress and if your mattress is over 8 years old it needs to be changed. If you are facing discomfort while sleeping before the warranty of your mattress ends it is better to take the mattress back to the store and get a replacement for it.

Squeaky mattress

New mattresses are great for providing support in the initial years of your purchase. However, after a few years, you will notice that your mattress is getting squeaky, especially a spring mattress. This is when your mattress fails to provide you with the needed support and comfort; this is a sign that your mattress needs to be changed as soon as possible.

Backaches and pain

Are you experiencing frequent back pains and body aches? Do you feel tired even after acquiring a sleep of 6 to 8 hours? If yes, is the time that you look for a new mattress. Older mattresses tend to sag and fail to provide you with back support and this is the exact reason that due to the lack of pressure the body is prone to many body aches and pains. The comfort layer loses its compression and the parts of the mattress that support heavier parts of the body start sagging, implying that this is the perfect time to get a new mattress.


Older mattresses are home to various bed bugs and dust mites.  If you find that your allergies are spiking up and these allergies seem to worsen at night or in the morning this is a clear indication that your mattress is infested with dust mites which can intensify your allergies. Keep in mind that memory from latex and waterbeds are most resistant to bedbugs, however, dust mites multiply in the cotton layer and therefore they are found the most in spring mattresses. Choose wisely and try to change your mattress when necessary so that you are not exposed to dust allergies.

In a nutshell, when several factors are a crystal clear indication that you need to change your mattresses, it is good to do your homework and search for the perfect mattress.

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