5 Things to Know About Solar Panel Home Installation

Do you have questions or concerns about solar panel home installation? If so, then we have the answers you’ve been looking for.

For one thing, there are lots of misconceptions about what solar energy systems do for your home. We’ll clear some of these up in the following guide.

We’ll also reveal some things you should consider before hiring a solar company. For instance, your home may not be a good candidate for solar panel installation due to various factors.

So, if you’re thinking about going solar, prepare yourself with this guide.

1. Your Roof Needs to Be in Good Condition

home solar installer won’t install solar panels on a roof that’s in bad repair. If your roof is already damaged, then the installation process would likely make the damage even worse.

Alternatively, your weak roof could cause the panels to be improperly installed. Then, the panels could come loose or get damaged more easily. Besides, you can use bronze machine bolts or screws to fix the panels properly and keep your roof in a good condition for a long time.

Also, know that not all roofs are good candidates for solar panel installation due to the amount of sunlight they get. For example, your roof may be angled in such a way that the panels would never get direct sunlight. Or there might be a forest of trees shading your roof from the sun.

2. There Is More Than One Type of Solar Panel

There are several different types of solar panels. For one thing, there are different solar energy technologies

Certain types harness and convert solar energy more efficiently than others. So you’ll want to research which type you prefer and whether you can afford it.

Also, some solar energy systems aren’t even meant to convert sunlight into usable energy for your home. Instead, they warm the water and air that would otherwise be heated by other appliances.

Obviously, these latter systems will still reduce your dependence on the electric company. But they do so in a completely different way than other solar energy systems.

3. You Will Still Have to Pay For Electricity

Some people seem to think that if they get solar panels they never have to pay for electricity again. But it’s very unlikely that the solar energy system you install will provide 100% of the energy needed to power your home.

You should definitely see a reduction in your bill. But you’ll still have to pay for some amount of electricity each month.

4. Weather Concerns

Your roof might be a bad choice for solarization due to the weather in your local area. First, if your location has harsh weather somewhat often (high wind, heavy hailstorms), this could detach or damage your solar panels.

Or, you might just live somewhere that is almost always overcast. If so, your solar panels might not get enough sunlight to be effective.

5. The Solar Tax Rebate Is Ending Soon

The current tax rebate program for installing solar panels on your home ends on January 1, 2022. It’s possible that the government will renew some version of this program, but there is no guarantee. If you want to take advantage of this rebate, get your solar panels installed ASAP.

Remember These Solar Panel Home Installation Considerations

If you’re ready to get solar panel home installation, remember this guide. Also, please share this information with any of your friends who are interested in going solar.

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