4 Of The Best Interior Design Hacks For Big Families

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If you have a large family, then it’s easy for your home to start feeling cramped, especially if some members of the family need to share a space often. We know the feeling! From arguments to exhaustion, living in a tight space isn’t easy, so finding ways to manage your design to optimize the space you do have is vital. In this guide, we’ll be helping you do exactly that – read on to discover five of the very best interior design hacks for big families. 

Hidden Storage 

There’s only so much that decluttering can do for your family, as without dedicated spaces to store personal belongings, the mess can pile up quickly and make cleaning and tidying a serious chore. To help you save time and make your spaces feel roomier, why not incorporate hidden storage into your interior design? There are plenty of ways that you can use hidden storage to help your kids keep their shoes, clothes, and toys packed neatly away, freeing up space for play and activities. 

The hidden storage hack isn’t just for kids either – you can use these ideas to get creative with your own belongings too! 

Bean Bag Chairs 

Bean bag chairs are one of the most adaptable pieces of furniture on the market today, and they’re perfect for big families who need a lot of seating! Bean bags are for everyone, not just the kids, and you can find bean bag chairs that can seriously elevate the look and feel of your space at home. What’s more, you can complement your Fombag foam bag bean chairs with a huge range of accessories! If you have teenagers or other members of the family who want to have their own space, but the house doesn’t quite allow it, then giving them the freedom to accessorize their bean bag is a great compromise. 

Doubled-Up Bathroom  

Tired of the never-ending queue for the bathroom? Doubling up on bathroom furniture and accessories is one of the best ways to promote order in your home and avoid the complaints that come with having to wait outside of the door forever! In the bathroom, you can reshuffle your space to fit two sinks, mirrors, and lockable storage units, so that brushing your teeth with the rest of the family in the morning becomes a walk in the park. 

Fold Away Seating

Instead of being a time to sit back and relax, mealtimes are in fact a common cause of stress for big families. If you’re tight on space, then fitting everyone into a cramped room can be an unpleasant experience. Luckily, you can use foldable furniture like chairs, tables, or even benches, for everyone to sit more comfortably without adding too much clutter to your dining area. 

Having a big family comes with its challenges, but by implementing some of these hacks you can transform the way your family operates and make life easier for everyone. From investing in some high-quality bean bag chairs to using hidden storage and fold-away seating, you’ll be able to adapt to the home environment to cope with a big family.  

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