5 Techniques to Attract More Audience to Your Podcast

Podcasts have emerged as a primary channel for sharing audio and video content online. They started as an obscure way of exchanging information but have since risen to the top of the global popularity scale. However, producing weekly podcasts will not guarantee growth; you must use various techniques and tools to entice new audiences. Streaming tools are one of the best ways to enhance your podcast audience. This post will provide you with five tips to help you attract more podcast listeners; however, time and patience are the keys here. 

Video Podcasts

Although podcasts are still considered by many as audio content, some people prefer video. Video podcasting has only been around for a couple of years, but it’s becoming more popular. However, only quality content will suffice; otherwise, there is no point in watching someone talk. You can include guests or introduce fun activities to develop an interest for the new listener. 

Social Media Platforms

Joining various social media platforms and groups can help you grow your podcast’s audience. Social media presence is essential for any industry to grow, and podcasts often get traction when different social media forums discuss them. Moreover, it’s an excellent place to meet fellow podcasters and interact with their fans to introduce your content. 

Podcast Trailer 

Trailers are an easy way to convince a potential audience to try your program. Nothing builds curiosity like a well-made trailer. People are often busy with their schedules; as a result, they might not be interested in the whole episode to understand your content. However, a trailer can offer them enough information about what to expect. Choose the best highlights from your podcast, edit them and add some special effects. This is a proven method to attract a new audience to your podcast. However, you might need good editing software and skills to make an excellent trailer. 

Giveaways and Gifts

One of the oldest motivational strategies is giveaways. If you want to grow your audience, enticing them with rewards can be the best strategy. You will see a lot of successful podcasters continuously gifting someone. When it’s a genuine giveaway, you will be surprised by the response from the new audience.  

Email Marketing 

Email is a popular method used by podcasters to notify listeners of new episodes. Email marketing is especially beneficial for brand-related podcasts. You can ask your audience to subscribe to email marketing to receive early notifications, exclusive deals, and much more. Many brands have grown over the past few years by utilizing the power of email marketing in their podcasts.

Starting a podcast is simple, given the various tools available in the market. However, the real challenge is maintaining its quality and regularly bringing in new audiences. Therefore, keep your podcasting gear up-to-date, produce fresh content, and take inspiration from the above techniques to attract new listeners. You will be amazed how quickly you will be able to garner a loyal following for your podcast. 


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