5 Simple Ways to Cool Down Your Home on a Sunny Day

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People can live in the most remote and desolate regions comfortably, even in extreme temperatures. A large reason for that is the invention of air conditioning, allowing people to control their home’s internal environment at all times. However, as the world heats up, people have begun to rely on this technology more and more, resulting in higher energy usage and, of course, bills. However, there are simpler ways to cool down your home, so keep reading to find out how to make that happen.

Close the Blinds

Closing the blinds of the windows in your home and blocking out other major light sources, such as a skylight, can be crucial in reducing the heat entering your house. A big reason homes are difficult to keep cool without using air conditioning or a lot of electricity is because open windows and other light sources keep allowing sunlight in, which can raise the internal temperature. By closing the blinds and putting a cloth over any skylight or other reflective material or dampening fabric, you can solve the problem at its source by reducing heat generation.

Use Natural and Artificial Ventilation

If you live in a cooler, windier area, you can use the extra ventilation by opening your windows instead of blocking them out. While this will let more sunlight in, you can offset this by constantly providing a source of ventilation at no extra cost. However, for this to be effective, you’ll need to keep multiple windows in your home open to conduct more fresh air. To further increase efficiency, you can use built-in vents that usually work with central HVAC systems or strategically placed fans to speed up the air passing. 

Insulate Your Home

A great thing you can do for your overall comfort, especially for the summer months, is to insulate your home properly. To do this, you’ll need to upgrade your windows and doors, getting thicker frames with fewer side gaps to let warm air in. This way, your home will stay warmer during winter and colder during summer. Your air conditioner will work more effectively, too, as the cold air it pumps in won’t be allowed to leave as easily. Insulation will make your life easier overall, and it’s a great way to save money on your energy bill throughout the year, paying back what you invested in upgrades after just a few months. 

Reduce Heat-Generating Activities

Many people don’t realize that their daily activities may generate a lot of heat, which has a tangible effect on the temperature in their homes. Incandescent lights are found commonly in homes throughout the United States, and these light bulbs are incredibly inefficient, generating a lot of heat and little light. Keeping these lights on will steadily raise the temperature in your home without you noticing. Other activities, like cooking and using the oven, will also make your home hotter, so limiting these actions can be great on those sunny days.

Get More Efficient Air Conditioners

Another great option for your home that will work well in the long term is getting more efficient air conditioners. Wall-mounted air conditioners offer greater energy efficiency and cooling, while others offer smart features that you can use to manage your home better. You should look out for the Energy Star rating, which indicates that the item you’re interested in is incredibly energy efficient.


Cooling down your home is essential. It’s an ability that many people take for granted because of how common its usage is, but you’ll feel the difference when it’s not there. Home cooling allows people to comfortably live in hot countries, climates, or even desert states like Arizona. However, this reliance on cooling can take a toll on your energy bill and can require a lot of focus and attention, especially if you have to order maintenance and repairs regularly. Using the information in this article, you’ll be able to find better, simpler ways to cool down your house effectively. 


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