5 Stylish Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Guest post contributed by Julie Austin

Vintage is always classy. It is the time when something of high quality was produced. Designing your bedroom in an old style always looks affluent. There are loads of different recommendations to design your room in an old way; here are the best five ideas.

Find an Inspiration

When you’re composing a decorating subject matter and color plan, take motivation from a particular period. A vintage frame, tablecloth, art, clock, wallpaper that inspires the old days might do the work. When you go out for shopping, you should keep the theme and the colors that you’ve decided in mind, so you stay on duty. Choose a color from your main fabric in the room and paint the same color on the walls. Buy rugs with braids on them for a more classic vintage look, with maybe drawings of the olden times on them.

Select the Unpredicted

Reusing, recycling and renewing are the main things when we’re talking about vintage. You can easily ask your elders if they’ve got something that you could have and then get it repainted, polished or whatever it needs to get done to look neat and classy again. Get a bed with the iron coating or wooden coating, so it represents the previous times. You can even use trolleys or tea carts as the bedside table for and whenever you see old furniture think of ideas how you can renew it and place it in your bedroom.


Do not forget your color and theme when you go shopping for décor. Try to buy antique items they’ll probably provide a very vintage look, and they always look like they’re worth billions. Get material that delights your eye and makes you happy. You can even place some dishes on the wall; just stick them up, preferably the ancient ones.

Jumble and Match

When you start on the walls, think about the wide range of wall decors. Find lots of materials and then try to arrange the ones that go together and portray your theme well, for example, you can get loads of different wooden frames with different patterns or designs and sizes, but since they’re all wooden and the same color from the sides they will merge in. Wood can be a very reasonable idea for frames yet still look vibrant.

The Floor

Get vintage rugs, they cost a fortune but look amazing on the floor. Get rugs with a fragile material so they go easy on the feet and you enjoy them. Make the rugs visually aesthetic, so they attract every single person that walks into the room. Vintage rugs or oriental rugs always are an amazing piece of art, and the hand knotted rugs are durable as well. No one can determine the age, origin, and materials used in a vintage rug. Thus you can just get one from someone who doesn’t need it anymore or is just tired of it. They can become a family heirloom and can last several generations because they are pretty solid.
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