5 Hot Trends in Fashion for 2018

Many people follow all the latest fashion trends. Others don’t really know what’s hot in fashion until they are surrounded by the latest big trend. By the time some people catch on to what’s trending, the fad is over. If you are among those people who want to be up on the trends but don’t know how to get in the loop, then let this be a helpful guide to the up and coming fashion trends of spring and summer of 2018.

All about Colors

One thing that people following fashion trends have on their minds is color. What is going to be the hot color of the spring/summer of 2018? Well, this coming spring/summer season, it’s not going to be one hot color but two types of colors, as found on Cosmopolitan.

  • Pastels are usually big in the spring. In 2018 think about colors of ice cream or sorbet. Lots of shades of pastel pink, mint green, light yellows and pale oranges will be all the rage. Possibly the hottest pastel hue this coming spring/summer will be lavender. Expect to see a lot in this color.
  • If you would rather go bold then the second hot color trend of spring and summer 2018 is going to be rainbow. Go bright and bold with a mixture of all colors in your wardrobe, or in a single outfit. People are going to go wild for rainbow hues.

The Materials

Much like with color, people want to know what types of materials will be worn the most this coming spring/summer season. This year, it seems a lot of silky, soft and lightweight materials will have people everywhere delighted.

  • Keep it sheer this spring/summer. It will be all about transparency. Sheer materials not only feel nice against the skin, they also help top off the outfit with a sexy, intriguing look.
  • Everything Satin is also in. According to the WWD website, satin is big on the London scene and it should spread to other countries. It’s a lovely, smooth material that will flatter any silhouette.

Dresses are Key

Whether you’re going for the nineties inspired trends, going all fringe, or sticking with flowy and sheer, you may want to keep dresses in your wardrobe. Dresses are great for all year round. This coming 2018 season is no exception. 

  • According to some of the fashion shows, the nineties are coming back. Think nineties fashion and you may find lots of plaid. A big hit of the shows for this coming season has been plaid dresses and skirts. Throw a long plaid dress over a white t-shirt and you’ve got yourself a great throwback nineties look.
  • Want to forget the nineties? Then go with a classic look of a swing dress. These dresses are timeless and can come in a variety of styles. No matter what the big fashion trend is, swing dresses will be able to adapt right along with the trend of the season. They will be perfect with the popular sheer materials or even in any of the pastel shades that will be hot this spring.

Fringed or Feathered

Hitting the runways this year are plenty of wild looks. There are two types of looks that were extremely popular in the fashion shows. These looks are all about fringe or feathers. It’s up to you to pick the look just right for you should you go in this area.

  • Fringes have always brought ideas of old western attire. Now fringe is back in a big way, and there’s not a single cowboy in sight. Elle demonstrates just how popular these fringed looks should be during the 2018 season. The prediction is, fringe everything from sleeves to skirts.
  • Feathers are predicted to be another huge hit. Just like fringe, feathers surely will be everywhere. Think, big poofy feathered sleeves, feathered boots, collars, skirts, and possibly everything in between.

Prints and Punk

There are other trends that surely will arise this coming spring/summer. 2018 is supposed to bring out bold prints as well as return more trends of the past decades. Plastic materials, for instance, will be big. But probably much wilder than plastic will be the revival of the punk look.

  • Black and white polka dots will be seen everywhere. They will come in all sizes and in pretty much every article of clothing imaginable. Also if you want a throwback to the 60s, then there will be lots of floral prints inspired by the decade.
  • Punk is not dead. The fashion runways during this year’s shows are proving just that. There should be a lot of black leather, fishnet looks, chokers and more. Bring out your inner rebel while being fashionably forward this season.

Fashion trends come and go. While you may not want to go as bold or outrageous as the outfits seen on the runways, you may still want to follow the latest trends of the coming year. If you want to be ahead of the crowd, take the ideas mentioned above and put your own unique spin on them. You can go forward into the spring/summer fashion of 2018 with confidence.


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