5 Essential Boat Safety Tips

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The boating market is booming as a result of the pandemic. People who are stuck at home and who are unable to travel (and who are also lucky enough to live close to a body of water) are taking the opportunity to invest in boats in lieu of summer vacations. Yet, many new boaters are unfamiliar with boat safety and could be putting themselves and other boaters at risk. If you are new to boating, here are some essential boat safety tips that you should familiarize yourself with before you get out on the water.

Get a Boating License

The simplest way to get up to speed quickly on boating rules and regulations is to get a boating license. Most states require you to complete a boating safety course either in person or online. Once you pass, you receive your license and you will be much better equipped to operate your boat. These courses often give essential tips about how to navigate local waterways so you don’t end up getting in a precarious situation.

Insure Your Boat

Just like a car, your boat also needs insurance. Insurance can help you in case you have a boating accident or someone gets injured while on your boat. It can also help cover all types of damage from simple scrapes to severe trauma due to weather. Just like a car, you’ll also need to know how to buy a boat, and one of the best ways to learn how to buy is to learn what people need to know to sell. For example, if you live in Florida, check out this info on how to sell a boat in Florida. Knowing how to sell can give you key info on how to buy, as well.

Use Common Sense

Now is not the time to be irresponsible, particularly if you are a brand-new boater. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers and other boaters while you are at the helm, and it is up to you to get everyone home safely. Take your boat out without friends and distractions before you invite everyone along for a day on the water. You will be surprised by what you may learn about your waterway and how your boat handles wake and other obstacles.

Watch the Weather

Always check the radar before you venture too far from home and never trust a hot summer day. Storms can pop up without warning and they may come up too quickly for radar to register, so keep your eyes on the sky when you are on the water so you don’t get stuck in a storm.

Always Have Enough Flotation Devices

You should always have enough flotation devices on board. By law, you are required to have one life jacket for each person on board. The easiest way to ensure that you never break this rule is to simply have enough life jackets on board for the capacity of your boat. If your boat holds 8 people, then always have 8 jackets available. Also, be sure that you have some size options in case you have children or larger adults onboard. It can be a real headache to get pulled over by the Coast Guard if you do not have the proper safety devices, so avoid this by being proactive.

Learn more about boating accidents and how you can prevent them with the safety guide below:


This infographic was created by Veteran Car Donations, yacht donation

Boating is a fun summer activity, but it does require some skill. Follow these common-sense tips and you will be an experienced boater in no time.

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