5 Best Winter Body Care Routines for Women

They say, “People don’t notice whether it’s winter when they’re happy.” True! Wintertime, just like any season, has its downside. 

It’s a given that cold temperatures don’t do your body any good. But, to be happier, you have to practice body care routines and use proper body care products like Hannon to avoid the havoc it could wreak on your body. The skin is said to be the body’s largest organ. If it glows, it means your body is perfectly fine. 

Those charcoal cleansers and lightweight gel moisturizers that worked pretty great during summer might not cut it in winter because of the frigid wind, constant exposure to indoor heaters, and dry air, which suck the moisture from your excellent skin and strip it of oil essential for your healthy skin barrier function. 

Additionally, the skin’s outer layer becomes dull and dry, causing cracks and flakes. However, including a few trips and tactics into your skin air routine can help avoid redness and dryness plus keep your complexion as radiant as ever. Check out these simple, effective tactics you can practice and meet your skin goals.

Understanding What Happens to Your Body In Winter

You might embrace more wrinkles 

You can’t blame winter for more wrinkles, but your skin is vulnerable to damage during winter. Your skin begins to dry because there is a drop in humidity in the air, and as a result, your skin dries up. You can’t retain enough air; thus, you become dry and prone to wrinkles.

Your tongue might be affected

Because the freezing temperatures make your lips feel dry, and as a result, you lick your lips to get moisturized. Sure, it might give you some relief in exchange for chapped lips. Your saliva will evaporate fast, leaving your lips drier than before. Plus, your saliva contains too harsh enzymes to your lips, causing you to feel uncomfortable.

Dehydration Might Be Your New Enemy

Because during the cold season you rarely feel thirsty and as such, you forget to drink enough water. You might be thinking you’re hydrated enough as you sweat less and drink less, which is not so. Just because you don’t feel thirsty, don’t underestimate your hydration. Drink water.

You might have eye problems

Your eyes might be prone to danger just like in summer because you assumed there is no need or forgot to wear your UV-blocking sunglasses on your way out. Remember, the sun reflecting off the snow can seriously damage your eyes. 

Self Care Tips During Winter

1. Let Sunscreen Be Your Friend

Might it be confusing, right? But just because you’re not spending time in the sun often doesn’t mean you can do away with sunscreen in the winter. It’s as vital, just like in summer, to use it daily. You might slack off on the sun protection factor( SPF) in the winter because you don’t feel the sun strongly, but it’s damaging in the winter as in summer. Daily sunscreen is effective against aging. 

2. Use a Cleanser That Will Hydrate and Moisturize Your Skin

Your skin needs a moisture boost when the humidity drops; that is why cleanser usage matters a lot. According to Green, you should use a creamy cleanser containing humectants and leave your skin hydrated. 

You should avoid foaming cleansers or soap/gel cleansers since the products tend to dry the skin. The great bet is you change things up and look for something that will work correctly and do what you need it to do, at least to ease your body from what comes up through the winter.

3. An Overnight Mask Will Work Just Fine

Cold weather puts your skin through a lot. But, this is not an excuse to apply a face mask if you haven’t. However, winter is an incredible time to start. 

Overnight masks help lock in those creams, serums, and oils that were applied previously. Your skin undergoes circadian rhythms. In addition to this, skin hydration levels start to decline from noon and continue overnight.

Additionally, if you sleep in a room with dry heat, use your overnight mask with a bedside humidifier to further seal moisture. You can also try and incorporate more targeted treatments for your skin. For instance, if you’re seeking anti-aging benefits, you can try a night mask infused with bakuchiol. And if you have eczema, you may try ingredients like aloe and ceramides.

4. You Might Need To Do Exfoliating

You need to be cautious not to over-exfoliate during the cold season. So, if you’re getting flakier in the cold season, it doesn’t mean your skin needs more exfoliating. On the contrary, it could be a sign your skin routine needs an update. 

It’s easy to go overboard with scrubs only if it’s your only option. Just use light pressure in a circular motion to loosen your top layer of skin before adding your moisturizer and serums. Looking for an all natural skin exfoliator? Check out VerdiLab’s Micro Exfoliating Mask.

5. Lukewarm Water Is Just Fine

You might want to go for a hot bath when it’s cold. But, if you adore your body, then avoid it. Just use lukewarm water to shower. Hot baths dry your skin fast, and if you don’t moisturize it immediately, then your skin is at risk of developing winter eczema and cracks. 

Bottom line

Your body, especially the skin, needs all the care it can to function properly. Following the above tactics will give you perfectly glowing skin.

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