4 Ways to Alter Your Home If You Have a Family Member with Depression

Contributed by Hannah Whittenley

Depression can be a debility condition. Having a family member with depression may leave you feeling helpless. Here are some ideas to make your home a happy sanctuary for your depressed loved one.

Revitalize Your Home

A simple home remodeling project that can be done to help with depression is to add color to your home. Bright colors can help in improving a person’s mood. Certain colors are better for depression than others. Red, orange and yellow are especially good for those suffering from depression. Green and blue are good for reducing stress and helping with insomnia. Consider painting several rooms in your home different colors. The living areas should be in a shade of red, orange or yellow to make your loved one feel better during the day. The bedrooms should be in a shade of green or blue to help with promoting healthy sleep.

Let the Light in

Light therapy has been shown to help those suffering from depression. It is thought to help change the brain chemistry of someone suffering from a mood disorder. Light therapy that is the most effective is brighter than indoor lighting but not as bright as direct sunlight. Filtered sunlight from your home’s windows is a good form of light therapy. If your home lacks natural light, consider adding or enlarging the existing windows. You can also consider putting in skylights to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Place the windows in your home to the best advantage to capture the maximum amount of natural light.

Add an Exercise Room

Convert an existing area in your house into a exercise space. You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment to make this transition. Some of the best forms of exercise that help with depression are yoga and Tai Chi. These types of exercise allow you to concentrate and focus on your body. This focus can help someone in regulating their mood. Other types of exercise that help are strength training, dancing, and running. While you can purchase a treadmill to allow indoor exercise routines, it might be better to get your loved one out of the house occasionally. Getting some fresh air can help make a person feel better.

Post Inspirational Sayings

Have positive sayings sprinkled throughout your home. You can make you own by using caulk board paint and picture frames. Find sayings that will resonate with your loved one. Maybe use short silly family stories or jokes for your sayings. You can even use the caulk board paint on a wall in your kitchen. Have the whole family write something positive down each day. Maybe it could be something that they are looking forward to doing as a family. You want to remind your loved one of the good times that you have had as a family. You can also purchase inspirational picture sayings from a store. You want to create a positive environment so that your loved one feels loved and supported.

You don’t have to feel helpless when coping with a family member’s depression. Use these tricks to alter your home to help deal with depression.

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