4 Pieces of Equipment Every True Prepper Family Needs

It is no secret that our world is changing. From increased natural disasters to medical emergencies and disruptions to the supply chain, emergency and long term preparedness has become a hot topic of conversation. Most people understand the basics and have started gathering things like dried beans and rice and a few days worth of food. But what do you truly need to not just survive, but thrive through an emergency or longer term situation? Here are four things to consider having to be considered a true prepper family.

Expecting the Unexpected

Having food on hand is one of the most common ways to prepare your family for an emergency. The question becomes, “What type of food should I store and how much should I have?” Depending on your situation and storage capabilities, most prepper experts recommend at least a week’s supply of food as a starting point in case of a sudden emergency. But what if the emergency or supply disruption lasts much longer? While dried rice and beans are a great staple, they will not provide all the nutrients you may need long term. Have a variety of canned good that your family will eat. Invest in freeze-dried foods as well. There are several top-quality producers that specialize in creating these healthy meals and all you need is to add some boiling water. Additionally, investing in canning or freeze-drying equipment and learning how to complete the processes yourself can help you save money and prepare your family for a food emergency.

Lights on for Safety

Another piece of equipment, and probably near the top of any prepper’s list, is a good generator. Again, based on your living situation and needs, the size of the generator will vary. It is important to have an emergency generator that will power your home. Make sure it is one that is large enough to run the key household elements. For this preparation, a whole-house generator installation is important. Assess your family’s needs and desires and plan accordingly. It’s also important to determine if you need a solar-powered generator or a gas generator. If you are taking the gas route, don’t forget to stock enough fuel to last for the long term. As we have found with recent weather situations, there is no telling how long the power grid could be down. Think long-term when stocking your fuel. You may also want to research fuel storage safety practices to ensure you are keeping your family safe and thriving.

Safety and First Aid

While safety and first aid may fall in the “Of course I have that” category, there are some key supplies beyond band-aid and Tylenol that you will want to have. In addition to the standard first aid kit refills, your kit should have bleach and other cleaning supplies, exam gloves, masks (N95 is preferred), and even feminine products equal to the women in your family and your food storage levels.

Long-Term Living

Should the emergency situation turn into a long-term survival situation, you will want to provide for your family and loved ones. Being ready for long-term survival means also being ready to provide the supplies you need should your emergency stores run out. Heirloom seeds and gardening tools can help you provide food for your family. Also, having a gun and plenty of ammunition ensures not only safety, but the ability to hunt for fresh meat should the need arise.

Emergency preparedness is part art and part science. Evaluating what you and your family need to not just survive, but thrive through any situation is not something to take lightly. Taking steps early to thoughtfully prepare for any situation will ensure your family will be safe in any situation.

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