4 Benefits of Replacing All of the Current Carpet in Your Home

While many homeowners tear up their old carpets room by room, there’s a significant case to be made for getting rid of your old carpets all at once. When done correctly, replacing all of your current carpeting can help improve your home significantly without becoming too much of a hassle. Here are four benefits of replacing all of the current carpeting in your home.

You’ll Instantly Eliminate Many Unpleasant Odors

As they age, carpets naturally pick up dust, grime, pet hair and other detritus from your home. This can often lead to strange odors that make the house seem old and worn out. Replacing all of your carpets will eliminate many of these odors and allow you to enjoy a cleaner, fresher home. Replace that old carpet with quality carpeting like that from Mohawk Carpet to avoid stains and odors as time goes on.

You May Be Able to Save Money

Replacing carpet one room at a time doesn’t cost as much all at once, but it may be more expensive over time. Having to pay a contractor multiple times and buying small amounts of carpet will add up to higher costs over the lifetime of your home. By paying a one-time installation fee and buying carpet in bulk, on the other hand, you’ll most likely be able to get a lower price for the total project.

You Can Bring Your Home up to Date With New Flooring Materials

Just because you’re replacing your old carpet doesn’t necessarily mean you have to put new carpet in. More modern flooring materials, such as bamboo or engineered oak flooring, can improve the look of your home. Try these materials in living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens to quickly update your home and bring it more in line with modern design trends.

You’ll Only Have to Go Through the Disruption Once

Having new flooring installed naturally disrupts your family’s day-to-day life as contractors come in to take up the old flooring and replace it. While this is always at least slightly inconvenient, doing your whole house at one time will ensure that you only have to do it once. Replacing your carpet in stages, on the other hand, will require you to go through the disruption of having contractors working in your home several times to get the whole house finished.


As you can see, there are several good reasons to replace all of your current flooring at one time. By doing so, you can improve your home and make it a more pleasant place for you and your family to live.

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