3 Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Older

There are many things we can do to make our skin appear younger and to give it the blooming teenage elasticity such as staying hydrated and regularly moisturizing with cosmetic products that are perfect for your skin type. In addition to the proper caring adding just the right amount of makeup can cut your age in half so make sure to avoid these three beauty mistakes that make you look older.

The right quality foundation

If you are not a big fan of wearing foundation well, honestly, the older you get the more you will need it in order to youthify your face. If you use makeup just to subtly emphasize your natural beauty (you go girl!) don’t make the most common mistake known to women – skip foundation. The key is in finding the right foundation shade for your skin tone (try it out on your collarbone to compare the shades with your skin tone) because when you apply it, you won’t see the makeup, just a brighter (younger) face. Buying the good foundation can help you correct your skin tone that is dull in places, shiny in others and ruddy or rosy. You don’t need to put a thick layer of makeup, just a sheer, translucent coat that is going to correct the little imperfections, liven your skin and brighten your face!

Applying the right foundation your skin will get a youthful glow. You can combine a moisturizer with a foundation to sheer it out, which will also mean you have made your own (customized) tinted moisturizer, perfect for hot summer days.

Strong, long and curly lashes

Take a pass on strong colored shadow and thick liners and leave them where they should have stayed – in your early twenties. Instead, opt for a classic black cat-eye (nothing too much) and pump up your lashes to make your eyes stand out subtly, of course. Avoid the awful (clumpy) mistake of applying mascara quickly – you should wiggle it back and forth from the roots (it is crucial to start from the roots to make lashes look fuller) to the tips. Choose the right mascara, do your homework and read reviews (and be ready to spend a bit more on quality mascara) and the most important, take your time when applying it to achieve the maximum coverage, separation, and length. 

A great way to maintain the younger look is with quality natural mink eyelash extensions that can give you a longer solution (no more applying and taking off mascara) and a wonderful glamorously seductive look(you will look all dolled up even though you are not wearing heavy makeup). If you opt for lash extensions then you actually don’t need mascara, just a thin layer of foundation, naturally filled in brows and a sheer lip tint – a perfectly subtle everyday makeup look that will make you look younger.

Don’t forget the eyebrows

As women age, their hair thins and lashes and brows need some help renewing themselves. Keeping your brows well-shaped and defined will have a great impact on the way your face looks like as well as taking care of your lashes. Using serums or homemade solutions (DIY your own using coconut oil as a base) you can ensure your eyebrows grow stronger and eyelashes become fuller.

It is very important to take care of your brows (shaping them the right way) but you shouldn’t ignore them when you are applying makeup. It may seem like they are not that important but actually, they are the first thing a person notices on your face. Therefore filling in your eyebrows the right way can make you look much younger – you don’t have to draw them according to the latest trends (exaggerating is never the right option) simply fill them in with short strokes using the right shade of pencil (slightly lighter than your natural hue) or whatever you prefer. Use a brow brush to blend the color or brush on a gel to keep them in place. It is simple as that and won’t take too much of your time while as a result, your face will brighten up.

Avoid these common beauty mistakes by following the little tips and tricks that will make you look younger while saving your time. And remember, the first step is to properly take care of your skin, and use makeup to subtly emphasize your natural beauty.

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