4 Personal Hygiene Tasks Your Elderly Grandparents Might Need Help With

Daily life can be tough on elderly individuals. The body tends to get a lot weaker with the simple passing of time. Elderly grandparents often benefit from in-depth assistance with all kinds of personal hygiene tasks. Assistance with personal hygiene can often make a world of difference for older folks.

Teeth Brushing

Brushing teeth can sometimes be a hassle for older people. That’s the reason that they often get a lot out of help with oral hygiene. Elderly people frequently seek assistance with flossing and mouthwash use as well. If your grandparents no longer are able to use their hands as well as they did in the past, assistance may be crucial.

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How to Assist Grandma and Grandpa in Their Old Age

When your family is tight-knit, it can be difficult to watch grandparents age and become less capable of caring for themselves. One way to make the process easier for the entire family is to schedule times when each person can help out elderly members. For instance, one person can visit each Tuesday and help decide what groceries are necessary to get through the week and take a trip to the store if you do not live in the same home. Other ideas include finding ways to keep the older members of the family active and socializing.

Spend Time with Them

When grandma and grandpa are sitting at home alone for days on end, they will be very lonely. A routine will help them look forward to visits, and it will give the rest of the family a schedule to stick to so that there is no confusion. You might do a few chores around the house, go for the grocery run, fold some laundry together, or read a chapter or two in your grandparent’s favorite book as they get ready to nap to show them that you care and they are not alone. Integrated Family Community Services says this is an excellent way to show older family members that they are important in your life.

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3 Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Older

There are many things we can do to make our skin appear younger and to give it the blooming teenage elasticity such as staying hydrated and regularly moisturizing with cosmetic products that are perfect for your skin type. In addition to the proper caring adding just the right amount of makeup can cut your age in half so make sure to avoid these three beauty mistakes that make you look older.

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