3 Amazing Gifts for the Home Chef in Your Life

Though there are people who don’t like to cook and couldn’t do without their microwaveable TV dinners, there are lots of people who adore cooking for friends and family. These folks are eager to get the gadgets that make their creations even more special. Here are three of them:

Sou Vide

The sou vide machine was once only found at the highest end restaurants, but now it is affordable and practical for home use. The name itself means “under vacuum,” and it works simmering food in a vacuum sealed bag, sometimes for hours. Eventually, the entire steak or fillet or leg or breast or thigh is the same temperature as the water, and no part of it is under or overcooked.

The sou vide does this by placing an element in the water that not only brings it to and keeps it at a precise temperature but keeps the water circulating. This obviates any spots in the water that are cooler or hotter than they should be.

When the piece of meat is removed from the sou vide bath, it is perfectly tender, juicy and delicious. However, it may not look very appetizing to some people if it doesn’t have a sear or char on it. The solution is to simply cook both sides of the meat in a screaming hot pan for about a minute a side. This sears the meat while not raising the interior temperature.

Copper Saucepan

Copper saucepans can be pricey, but there’s a reason for this. Copper is an amazing conductor of heat, and a copper pan or pot is able to distribute the heat evenly. This cuts down on the risk of food that has areas that are burnt or undercooked. Because copper heats up and cools down quickly, it is the best metal for making sauces. Copper also has antibacterial properties and is simply beautiful. A chef who is given a copper saucepan or indeed a set of copper cookware will no doubt want to display it.


There are different types of mandolins. The plastic Japanese type is handheld while the stainless steel French type is heftier and may have a compartment that holds the different types of blades. Both are capable of slicing vegetables such as potatoes and zucchini so thin that they are translucent. Mandolins also make flawless julienne and waffle cuts.

With these three amazing gifts, the home chef can whip up the beautiful, healthy and delicious meals of their dreams. The people who partake of these meals will find them unforgettable.

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