Your Guide To Buy The Right Dress Shoes

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You need to pay proper attention to the process of buying the right kind of dress shoes for men. If you don’t do that, you will end up with shoes that are neither the right fit, nor comfortable, and neither do they look good with your formal outfit. Hence, to excel the perfect look and get shoes worth the price you pay for them, you need to follow a proper guide to buy the right dress shoes. And that’s what we’ll discuss in this blog.

Check the Material

Although you don’t have to choose leather material for your dress shoes, it’s still preferred that you do because they’re more durable. However, you can search for a sustainable shoe brand and get a good quality pair of sustainable shoes. They should be shiny but not too shiny and smooth but not too smooth. If your shoes give a too shiny plastic-like feel, it’s probably not genuine leather and you need to choose better.

Toe Shape

Dress shoes have a lot of kinds and types, and they vary from square-shaped toes to pointed ones. But neither of them is really that attractive. You need to get shoes that are balanced between square and pointed toes. These kinds are attractive and go well with every outfit.


Dress shoes vary even in their heel sizes. With a few being too high and others being not high enough. You need to buy shoes whose heels are at 1-inch high or a little lower than that. This is more suited for formal settings and it’s comfortable as well.

Types of Shoes for Occasions

      • If you’re choosing shoes for a business meeting or a formal setting, laces are of utmost importance. These lace-up shoes can include Oxford and Derbies. When you’re wearing a suit or attending a black-tie event, lace-up shoes are a must.
      • Slip-Ons are for more casual occasions. They are good with khaki shorts and polo outfits. They’re better suited to casual dinners.
      • Black Shoes go with almost every color except brown, hence you need to buy black shoes if your wardrobe mostly consists of black, grey, or blue suits.
      • Brown Shoes are good if you want a variety in your wardrobe. Although pay attention to whether or not they even match your outfit when you’re planning to try them on.

Trying On Your Dress Shoes

    • Try shoes on during the afternoon or evening as during this time your feet get sweaty and swollen, and that means the shoes you try on during this time will be the regular fit for you. If you try on shoes during the morning, chances are they might be a slightly smaller fit.
    • While you’re trying on your shoes, make sure to wear the socks you’d normally wear dress shoes with. If you wear thin socks now and thick ones later, you’ll end up having bought a shoe size that’s slightly smaller than you’d feel comfortable with. It’s always recommended to try slightly thicker socks so that you get shoes that provide a bit of space for your feet.
    • Buy shoes that fit you when you first try them. Leather dress shoes don’t stretch hence you need to make sure you’re buying the right fit from the beginning. 
    • The best way to ensure you’ve got the right fit is to walk around in the shoes you’ve tried on. If you don’t feel comfortable walking in them now, you won’t feel comfortable later either. So don’t bother buying the ones that are uncomfortable.
    • If you’re ordering online, buy shoes of two different sizes and make sure if the shop allows a return policy so you don’t end up buying an extra pair of shoes needlessly. Even then, you could gift the extra pair to someone whom they’d fit.

So this was our guide for you to get the best kind of dress shoes for every occasion. There are a lot of different shoe types and materials available for your suits. But whatever you buy, just make sure it’s the right kind and fit.


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