What You Should Know About Metal Building Warranty?

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Buying a commercial steel building is a hefty investment. Getting warranties is one way to ensure the metal building is safe, durable, and functional for decades. So, let’s break down and talk about warranties in more detail.

What Is A Warranty?

It is written documentation of repair and replacement for broken or malfunctioning parts within a fixed time. A warranty is usually a textual contract between seller and buyer that certifies after-sales service in case anything goes wrong at a particular time. A warranty gives assurance of product quality and covers any premature structural failures.

How Many Types Of Warranties Are Available For A Commercial Steel Building?

Rust-Through Warranty: The metal frames and panels are covered against rusting for up to 20 years. The warranty here may vary depending on the steel gauge.

Roof Warranty: Here, you can get up to 25 years of warranty on galvanized steel roofs or standing seam roofs. Deterioration of structural components may be covered under warranty.

Workmanship Warranty: This warranty covers defects that arise due to improper installation. It generally lasts one year and ensures that skilled labor is used and that work quality standards are maintained.  

Paint Warranty: Warranty (if given) covers the paint performance, such as those of chalk, fading paint, and film integrity.

Note: Warranties may also cover items such as anchors, welding, insulation performance, etc., within a specific range of time. The warranty period varies with manufacturers and dealers, so read the documents carefully before buying.

Who Is Responsible for Fulfilling Warranty For A Steel Building?

Standard: Installers and manufacturers are different here. The metal dealer installing your commercial metal building will cover the first two years and then leave it to the manufacturer.

Single Source: The manufacturer has been responsible for the warranty since the very first day. So, even if the metal dealer goes out of business, your metal structure will still receive labor and materials, as mentioned in the warranty.

What Parts Of A Metal Building Is Covered Under Warranty?

  • Metal frames
  • Metal panels (side panels and roof panels)
  • Paint
  • Insulation (Insulated metal panels or IMPs)
  • Weathertight warranty (against any leaks)
  • Others: Installation, anchors, welding, windows, roll-up doors, entry doors, etc.

Note: Warranties vary with metal dealers. That’s why we recommend you compare quotes from various metal dealers before buying.

What Is Not Included In Warranty Of A Commercial Metal Building?

  • Red rusting
  • Flaking (of zinc coating from galvanized steel panels)
  • Excessive fade (in metal’s outer layer)
  • Roof leaks
  • Crazing (network of visual cracks on a coated metallic surface)
  • Differential weathering

What Can Make A Metal Building Warranty Void?

Unauthorized Modification & Alternation

Any changes in the metal structure without the consent of the metal builder will void the existing warranty. To make any alternation, it is best to contact the seller-approved subcontractor.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing at high settings can damage the protective layer, exposing the metal to moisture and rusting. It is best to use a garden hose for washing a commercial metal building. When necessary, you can use a pressure washer carefully at its lowest setting only.


Adding items that need to puncture a hole in an existing metal building can void the warranty. For instance, if you want to tie something to the roof or install solar panels, you must consult with the manufacturer before the work begins.

Tip: It is best to get everything necessary installed from one metal dealer at the time of installation to avoid future expenses and troubles.

Things You Must Know About Commercial Steel Building Warranties?

Warranties Are Non-Transferable

The warranty is given to the original owner, who handles buying and installing it. You can’t transfer ownership to another. Only actual owners can file for any claim.

Note: Check all warranty conditions if buying a property with a pre-installed metal building.

Warranties Do Not Cover Natural Disaster

Any event under the ‘Act of God’ can’t be claimed under warranties, such as damage from hurricanes & tornadoes. You can have your commercial metal building insured to recover any damage from natural calamities. Since metal structures are strong and quite resilient, the insurance company charges you up to 30% less premium.

A Warranty Must Be In Written Format Only

The warranty is valid only when it is in writing. A verbal or soft commitment is not valid in a court of law. When buying a commercial steel building, carefully read the fine print in the documents before signing.

Warranty Covers Only Inbound Issues

An inbound issue is an issue that a manufacturer can fix. Suppose you made a modification in the steel structure post-installation without the metal dealer’s consent, then the warranty on the entire building may be void. Usually, anything out of the manufacturer’s control is not covered under warranty.

A Warranty Might Be Location Specific

Some metal buildings (such as carports) can be relocated from one place to another. If the warranty is bounded by location, it may not be valid in other locations or states. You can clarify any details with your metal dealer before buying.

Have The Clarity Of Warranty

Contact your metal dealer for details about warranties on a commercial steel building. Know what is covered and what’s not to avoid any future surprises. Rely on a good dealer with industry experience when buying. Read all fine print and always get things in writing. You can contact previous clients to learn more about the metal dealer’s after-sales service.

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