What You Can Do to Boost the Value of Your Home

Guest post contributed by Diana Smith

You’ve poured your heart and soul into arranging your perfect home over the years but the time has come to move on. No matter the reason for your move, you don’t want something you’ve maintained so passionately over the years to be sold for chump change.

Living in a suburb like Rhodes – which is somewhat close to the city but still far enough to offer the luxury of a quainter life – is a treat for many, but in these conditions of real estate business, you’ll want to make sure to “seal the deal” in a way that will leave you satisfied. To achieve this, here’s what you can do in order to boost the value of your home.


A kitchen makeover

If your kitchen is older than ten years, its visual appeal has worn off no matter how well-kept it was. In order to make your kitchen more in vogue with the latest trends, you’ll have to make some superficial changes.
Start off by a very easy project – paint cabinets a neutral color, possibly something light, like cream, sandstone or a brighter shade of gray. This will open up the space and cover all the scratches and “wounds” that have amassed over the years.

These changes are bound to make potential buyers more interested, since the kitchen is statistically one of the first spaces they demand to see. A lot of what they think about the house depends on their impression of the kitchen.

Illuminate everything

Change outdated light fixtures with something more modern. Also, make sure to buy stronger light bulbs and add a few new fixtures in shadier corners. It’s important to keep your house on the lighter side – it will bring out the texture of surfaces and make the space look richer. As far as the type of the lights goes, it exclusively depends on your sensibilities.

Before you decide to bring potential buyers in, make sure to get rid of all the clutter. The unnecessary details and furniture will make the room appear suffocating even with the new lights. Instead, by removing all the needless trinkets and whatchamacallits, the light will give the house a more modern feel.

A new layer of “makeup” on the façade

The first impression is everything. Just like with the kitchen, a lot of what potential buyers think about the house happens in the first three seconds at the drive-in. In order to achieve the best impression, you’ll need to do a “facelift” of the façade and make sure the roof is in top-notch condition.

Mow the lawn, rake up leaves and put on a new coat of paint on your house. It’s a job that will take a few days to do thoroughly, but it’s an invaluable asset once it’s done. The most important thing to have in mind throughout this project is to keep the makeover under the set budget.

A dash of security

There’s a great chance the value of your home will skyrocket if you update your security system. The alarm system usually comes with an array of possibilities that include concealed security cameras which are not as expensive as they used to be. You can hire a professional and effective locksmith in Rhodes if you need help with your new CCTV system implementation.

An extra toilet

Do you perchance have room to spare somewhere in your house? If there is only one bathroom in the household of average size, it might be prudent to think about adding a small toilet. This ramps up the value of your house significantly – since there’s a great chance the buyers are a family that has at least two working members who get out every morning, an additional toilet leads to less clutter and less stress as far as morning needs and preparations go.
Just make sure that the extra space you can dedicate to this new toilet runs in relative proximity to the household’s pipeline. Ideally, it’s next to the existing bathroom.

These renovations and updates might seem like an excessive expenditure, especially now that you have decided to sell the house. However, investing in a bit of a “facelift” can pay off in the long run. With extra tweaks and superb add-ons that can be added to the list of traits your home boasts, you are bound to sell it at a satisfying price and say an appropriate goodbye to all the effort and energy you’ve put into the old house.

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