What To Do After an Arrest

If a family member or close friend is arrested, you probably begin to panic. You wonder if you can contact them and how you will find the money for Midwest bail bonds. Although the police must have a good amount of evidence to detain someone, just because someone is arrested does not necessarily mean that they are guilty, so you should consider the following questions to help you guide your next actions if an arrest happens.

Where Is the Person?

People who are arrested usually go to their local police station to wait for a court hearing, which happens within two days except for in special circumstances. Police officers take the fingerprints of suspects and complete other paperwork related to an arrest. If you call or visit your police station, the officers should be able to tell you if your loved one is there or if he or she has been moved.

What Crime Is the Person Suspected of Committing?

Anyone who has watched a crime TV show knows that when the police make an arrest, they usually read the person their Miranda rights. This warning is only necessary if the police are going to question the suspect. These rights keep people who are arrested from incriminating themselves. Another requirement of police officers is to tell their detainees of what crimes they are accused, but depending on the severity of the suspected crime, it may be a few days until you learn the official charge. In general, this must happen within 24 hours, but if the alleged crime is especially serious, such as murder, then the police can hold people without charge for a few days. With suspected terrorists, the deadline is two weeks because of the Terrorism Act.

How Much Money Is the Bond?

Usually, when people are arrested, they are held on bond, which means that if a certain amount of money is paid, then they are released until the rest of the legal proceedings take place. The amount of the bond varies depending on how serious the charges are, and in particularly grave cases, people may be held without bond. If you need to purchase Benton County bail bonds, you can provide the money yourself or ask friends and family for help.

Do not panic if a loved one is arrested. Instead, focus on the facts of the case and do what you can to help your friend or family member.

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