4 Tips For Effective Outdoor Spring Cleaning

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Cleaning up your yards and the outside of your home doesn’t need to be an expensive project. With a little bit of hard work and some planning, you should be able to give your property a world-class makeover in a single weekend. Here is a quick glimpse at four tips that will help you revitalize your property after a hard winter with a good spring cleaning and prepare it for summer relaxation.

Clean and Inspect the Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Rain gutters and downspouts are vital safety features, and they must remain well-maintained in order to do their job properly. During a major storm, those spouts and channels prevent soil erosion and keep water out of the basement. Keeping water away from the foundation of the home also helps maintain the foundation, preventing the formation of cracks and leaks that can cause serious water damage. During the fall and winter, these gutters tend to become clogged with debris. Luckily, you can try Gutter Cleaning Atlanta and other similar services that can make your life so much easier. If you want to do it yourself, then you should know that cleaning and inspecting rain gutters and downspouts is a relatively simple project that only requires a ladder, some old gloves, and an empty bucket. For those who aren’t comfortable climbing up to scrape out the gutters on their own, then you can rely on most roofing services that provide gutter cleaning and can also install protective grills that keep the majority of debris out.

Prep the Soil

Even in a relatively moderate climate, heat waves can wreak havoc on lawns, bushes, and trees. Through the course of the seasons, the upper layer can become a hard, dry crust that makes it harder for the roots of your plants to get the oxygen they need. That is why homeowners should prep their soil during the spring months. After you remove dead leaves and twigs, you can till the soil and add your favorite fertilizer. If you aren’t sure of which type of fertilizer to use, then you should pick up a soil testing kit from a local nursery or home improvement center. Once you have tested your soil, you will know which nutrients are needed and what products can be used to balance out the pH levels.

Power Wash Driveways and Walkways

Very few outdoor projects are as satisfying as concrete pressure washing, and this could have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal. While some homeowners prefer to invest in their own pressure washers, many contractors offer affordable pressure washing services. Pressure washing removes a wide variety of materials from your walkways and driveways including dead leaves, moss, motor oil, and caked soil. Doing this once a year can be incredibly beneficial to keeping your home clean and preventing stains, grime buildup, and other issues that contribute to the accelerated aging of a home. Keep in mind, however, that pressure washing is too powerful for windows and some types of wood siding, do be sure to speak with a professional about where this washing can be best applied before attempting it yourself. If you want to buy your own pressure washer, you may want to consider visiting Hotsy Equipment Company for their products.

Clean and Caulk the Windows

Improperly sealed windows could increase a family’s energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year. Summertime, especially, can become costly when the cool air in your home escapes through poorly insulated openings. In order to seal your windows, all you will need is some all-purpose caulk and a caulking gun. You should also clean up any debris that has been collected on the sills. That debris could cause water to pool, and standing water is going to result in unnecessary damage to the walls and windows. By maintaining your windows yearly by using the best window cleaners in Cincinnati, both the windows themselves and the materials surrounding them will last much longer and retain a much cleaner appearance. Proper insulation also works to keep out summer pests looking for an easy way into the home, saving you pest control costs and potential damage caused by unwelcome guests.

If you’re planning to do your spring cleaning soon, it’s important that you care for the exterior of your home along with the interior. Keeping the outside of your home clean and well-maintained increases your curb appeal and can help your home last longer. Take the time to care for your home, and it will be better able to take care of you for many years to come.

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