Want More Space In Your Home? Here’s Where You Should Start

If you ask people what they would like more of in their homes, the chances are good that “more space” is going to come near the top of the list of most common responses. It can sometimes seem like, no matter what you do, you never have enough room in your house for everything that you would like. This feeling is only going to grow as we head into the winter and start spending more of our time indoors, and we’ve already had a taste of the weather that’s on the way. If your property was feeling a little cramped during the summer, then it is only going to get worse.

However, the good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to helping your property feel more spacious. Some require more effort than others, and some may be less applicable to you, depending on your property and your budget. But all of them will give you a little more room to breathe in the months ahead. Here are a few tips that will bring more space to your home.

Get Rid Of As Much Clutter As You Can

Let’s start off with a simple practical step that always helps. The first thing you should do if your home is feeling overstuffed is to get rid of things that you no longer want or that you no longer use. You do not have to be a classic hoarder to end up with more clutter than you really should have. It is so easy to start to accumulate things, whether they are gifts that you didn’t actually want, or items that you bought with the best of intentions but never actually used (we are looking at you, home gym equipment). Don’t be afraid to be brutal with items you are getting rid of, you can always think about selling it online to make some money back.

Do More With Your Outdoor Space

One of the easiest to add a little extra room to your home is to make your garden a little more inviting. It’s no secret that the British autumn can be a little rough on people who enjoy spending their time outdoors. This is why a veranda could be just the thing that you are looking for. A high-quality veranda will protect you from the elements and give you a lovely, sheltered space for you to sit in while you enjoy some fresh air. Nationwide Home Innovations have years of experience and great customer reviews, and they can also help you with awnings and patio roofs to find the perfect bespoke outdoor solution for you.

Think About A Garden Shed

Now, the typical image that a lot of people have of a garden shed is a rickety thing that is full of spiders and gardening tools that are barely ever used. But a quality garden shed could be just the thing you need to solve your storage situation. All you need to do is think a little bigger. For example, a garden shed could be converted into a home office, or home gym. If you feel like there is nowhere in the house that you can escape to for a quiet drink at the end of a long day, then why not fix your shed up a bit or have a new one installed? There have been stories of people turning their garden sheds into everything from tiki bars to home cinemas. 

Rethink Your Spare Rooms

If you have a spare room or two, you will know that it can get a little cluttered. If it does not have a defined purpose, then it becomes everything: a home office, a guest bedroom, somewhere to put those boxes that you never unpacked when you moved in. As a result, you have a room or two that are not really doing anything most of the time. If you want to give yourself some more space, think about what the best way to use your spare room would be and get organised. If you are still working from home as a lot of us are, then buy a desk and a desk chair, and commit to no more work papers anywhere else in the house. A dedicated workspace is also important to your mental health if you are working remotely. If it needs to be a storage room, then buy some proper storage containers.

Look At An Extension

Finally, there is the most expensive option. With the property market the way it has been, it may make more sense for you to look at doing major work to your home instead of moving somewhere new. However, it is important to note that this can be an expensive and lengthy process. You will need to have a survey done to see if the extension you have planned is feasible, and you will need to find a window of time where the weather will not have too much of an impact. 

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