Update Your Shaker Kitchen Cabinets with These 5 Tips

The largest line item in the budget for a kitchen remodel is the one for kitchen cabinets. As homeowners pursue an updated look and improvements to storage and efficiency in their kitchen, cabinet upgrades can deliver a big bang for the buck – especially when it’s just not feasible to replace cabinets, knock out a wall or change the kitchen’s structural layout.  The good news? 

These 5 tips can update your Shaker kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank. 

Update #1 – Look up for more storage

It seems like there is never quite enough storage in a standard array of kitchen cabinets. One answer is to go up to expand cabinet capacity. You can increase the storage in your Shaker cabinets by extending the vertical space. Even if you don’t have high ceilings, you’ll be surprised at how much storage is added when you increase your cabinet height by 3 or 6 inches. The upper shelves on tall cabinets are a great place to store small appliances or items you don’t use often but need to keep in the kitchen. 

Add style and a different look to your Shaker cabinets with crown molding for a more traditional look. You could also follow the two-tone trend and paint or install white Shaker kitchen cabinets for the upper cabinets and have a dark grey, blue, wood, or black color for the lower-base cabinets.

Update #2 — Add cabinet accessories to organize and make the most of your space.

Especially if your cabinet interiors feature just bare, open space – which is often the case for standard-issue kitchen cabinets, it can be challenging to keep contents organized. Fortunately for you, smart kitchen designers have developed a range of different cabinet organization systems and accessories to help tame the chaos. 

You can make every inch of your Shaker cabinet count with a variety of space-saving options. Pullout shelves installed next to the range, sink or at the end of a cabinet run convert wasted space into usable space. These narrow – but accessible – shelves can hold racks for pots, pans, and lids, dividers for baking sheets, additional pantry or spice shelves, and more. 

Also, consider attaching racks to the inside of cabinet doors, specifically sized to hold spices, canned food, and even stemware. A Lazy Susan or half-moon shelf fit into a corner cabinet is also a great way to keep contents organized and use otherwise hard-to-reach dead space inside the cabinet. 

Or, take a look at how to better organize your base cabinets by replacing permanent shelves with slide-out shelving or drawers. Accessories like these make it much easier to reach and remove your cookware, dishware, and small appliances. You also achieve a clean, uncluttered feel in the kitchen when you can banish countertop clutter with easy storage enhancements. 

Update #3— Add a kitchen island.

In today’s open concept kitchen, there is often ample space for walking through and around. It’s often possible to make better use of that space with the addition of an island. A kitchen island can provide countertop space for new work and meal prep areas, plus extra seating options with bar stools. And you gain additional cabinet storage, which most of us desperately need. When you add a kitchen island with Shaker-style cabinets, it can serve as the transitional element that adds a more contemporary look to the kitchen. If your style is more traditional, adorn the island with corbels (added wood adornments placed under the countertop to give the base cabinets more character).

Update #4— Get a brand-new look with glass-front doors

Replacing standard Shaker-style cabinet doors with glass-front doors creates an entirely new vibe for your kitchen. Glass-front doors for upper cabinets will allow colorful dishware, wine glasses, and unique or special-occasion serving pieces to play a starring role in your new decor. 

While replacing cabinet doors is not inexpensive, it’s considerably more cost-effective than changing out your cabinets entirely. It’s also a faster and less disruptive route to a dramatic new look for your kitchen.

Update #5— Add lighting and accessories

The easiest update of all for Shaker-style cabinets comes from new hardware for door handles, knobs and drawer pulls. Once you start looking, you’ll find a wide array of different styles, from spare and utilitarian to wild and whimsical. You can bring in antique designs or turn in the direction of a more modern, metallic look.

If you want to take this easy update a step further, look for lighting fixtures that complement the new hardware to give the room a cohesive feeling. Under-cabinet lighting adds true functionality. The choices you make to update hardware and lighting can express your personal style and add a pop of modern aesthetics.

Making high-impact updates to your Shaker kitchen cabinets doesn’t need to be overwhelming and can be surprisingly inexpensive. You may not be ready for a big-ticket kitchen renovation, but enhancements like new accessories, hardware, or even a new finish can give your Shaker cabinets a brand new look. 

Ready to update your Shaker kitchen cabinets?

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  1. Wow! These kitchen cabinets look stunning! I wish I had a big kitchen to organise everything in such a grand style! 🙂

  2. love the cabinets here! I also love the lighting here, so cozy! love the kitchen

  3. These kitchen cabinets look amazing! I would cook and bake a lot more if I had so much space and room. It is easier to find a place for all the little spices, pans, and cooking utensils.

  4. I wish I had space in my kitchen for an island. I always wanted a big kitchen, with an island in the middle. That will be a priority when I will buy my own home.

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