Advantages of Adding Battery Storage With Solar

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Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or you’ve been buying and selling properties for years, you might have considered getting solar panels installed on your home. Many homeowners already understand the advantages of going solar, but they might not understand how battery storage is an added value for your property. This overview provides some of the main reasons why adding battery storage is a good idea.

Hands-Off Operation

Anyone who lives in an area prone to blackouts knows about backup solutions, such as generators. However, there is a fair amount of maintenance involved with keeping a generator fully functional. Conversely, after installation, a solar battery system virtually runs on its own. When you have instances of unexpected loss of power, you have somewhere reliable and efficient to turn. For example, people who have considered Arizona solar panel installation often pair their homes with battery storage because the state is prone to blackouts with extreme weather.

Tax Credits

There’s a lot to know about when you’re considering installing solar for your property. Another reason why it’s good to install batteries with your solar system is the tax rebates and incentives you can receive. Through 2033, you can receive up to 30% of the cost of panels. A complete solar installation is a rather significant upfront investment, but you can save money in the long run with reduced energy expenses and other savings available to you.

Safety For Health Conditions

It’s no secret that people with health conditions have a big challenge, but advancements in solar battery power storage give you the peace of mind you deserve. For example, CPAP storage in Arizona is needed for people with sleep apnea. Power outages can be a major concern for these individuals, as a disruption to their machine’s power supply could have serious consequences. With solar battery storage, you can be at risk should there be an unexpected power outage, as the machines rely on electricity to operate.

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Quieter Alternative

While traditional generators can be noisy and disruptive, solar battery storage operates almost silently. This is a major advantage for homeowners who prioritize peace and quiet in their living space. Solar battery storage allows homeowners to store surplus energy generated during the day for use during nighttime or periods of low sunlight. Even when there is no direct sunlight available, the stored energy can power essential appliances without any disturbance or noise from a generator running nearby. Your home can become a state-of-the-art, next-generation powerhouse for efficiency and convenience.

Increased Home Value

Having solar panels with a battery backup can add value and appeal to your property. More homeowners will likely consider making the switch to solar in the coming years. Having these assets already installed in your home can give you more selling power. As more people learn about the benefits of solar, you’ll start to see more panels on properties.

Consider The Advantages Of Solar Battery Storage

Now that you understand the advantages of solar batteries, the next step is to have a professional come for a home consultation. They’ll evaluate your space and determine if you’re home is a good candidate.

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