Understanding PTSD in Veterans and Legal Implications

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Veterans undergo a lot of challenges, especially when deployed in war zones. Such experiences have a major impact on their health. It is common for them to suffer from PTSD after the missions are completed. When such happens, it becomes challenging for them to handle daily activities. This article explores the causes, symptoms, and legal implications of PSTD among veterans.


The rate at which veterans suffer from PSTD is higher than that of other citizens. These individuals undergo stressful scenarios when completing military missions. Combat factors such as war and massive deaths can be highly traumatizing for veterans. In a situation where they don’t get the necessary guidance, the chance of them developing PSTD is very high.

In addition to severe combat situations, factors such as pre-existing depression, the lack of social support, and physical abuse can result in PSTD among veterans. These causes vary from one person to another. Medical practitioners have the necessary experience to determine the exact cause of the mental disorder.


Some PSTD symptoms, such as depression, might be common among all patients. However, when it comes to veterans, these symptoms vary. Among the common ones are nightmares about a traumatic event. The individual might also experience severe insomnia, irritability, and loss of interest in daily life activities. The person becomes isolated from the family members and is no longer willing to talk about their experiences.

The veteran might also avoid situations or things that remind them of the traumatic occurrence. For instance, they might avoid their fellow veterans because they remind them of the events. These individuals experience extremely negative feelings and thoughts that make it challenging for family members to interact with them.

PSTD can highly impair an individual’s ability to work. Therefore, veterans are entitled to disability benefits related to mental disorders. The most challenging part is getting a claim for PSTD benefits approved. The good news is that you can look for PTSD lawyers near me to help you with the claim. These lawyers have the necessary experience and knowledge of the law to ensure you win the claim. When looking for a PSTD lawyer, it is important to consider their experience. This helps them know what is expected of your specific case and increases their chances of winning.

A lot is involved when dealing with PSTD claims. For instance, you would have to prove the condition’s existence and that it resulted from military service. In this case, a lawyer would help you get the necessary medical records showing the link between the mental health condition and military service. PSTD is diagnosed following the DSM-5 regulations.

In some cases, the veterans require proof of an event that could have caused the PSTD. Among the various areas where they can get proof are news reports, treatment records, and witnesses. A qualified lawyer will help get this proof to ensure your case succeeds.

In other cases, the individual might not need to present evidence. In such a case, they must show that the stressor factor occurred when the veteran was a prisoner of war. Given the rules for getting PSTD benefits, veterans should seek the services of qualified attorneys.

PSTD among veterans can be a traumatizing experience for individuals and their families. Therefore, it is important to take legal steps to ensure the affected individuals get the necessary help. A qualified or experienced PSTD lawyer can help with all the necessary details to ensure the veterans’ well-being. The attorney would ensure the individual gets fair compensation to facilitate healing.

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