Travels In Texas: 10 Things To Do In Hill Country 

Texas has a lot to offer any traveler. There is stunning natural beauty, vibrant and diverse city life, and more. Hill Country is one of the most beautiful areas of the state, with a massive variety of things to do and experience.  

There is something for everyone in Hill Country. Do your research before you leave on your travels and ensure you know the best places to visit. This article will explore some of the best things to do in Hill Country, TX.  

Enjoy The Food 

Visit some of the finest restaurants in the country. Look for barbeque joints for a quintessentially Texan experience. Try a wide range of food.  

Go For A Wine Tasting 

Visit one of the vineyards in Hill Country and taste some of the finest wines. Take a tour of a vineyard and learn more about the winemaking process. Ensure you eat a filling meal before the wine tasting and have a safe way to get back to your accommodation after.  

Visit The Old Tunnel State Park 

Visit the State Park famous for the bat emergence between May and October. Ensure you get a ticket to stay in the park after 5pm. Go during the daytime to enjoy birdwatching and drink in the natural beauty. Be respectful of the park and follow the park rules.  

View The Gorgeous Wildflowers 

Visit during wildflower season and experience fields of stunning vibrant wildflowers. Ask locals for recommendations for where to find the best blooms. Be aware that you shouldn’t gather the flowers without the landowner’s permission.  

Look At Property Investment Opportunities 

There are stunning ranch homes in Hill Country. Know that they are ideal for an investment property or a vacation home. Visit properties on your trip to find the right fit. Use reputable realtors like Texas Land to find the best Hill Country ranches for sale

Visit Enchanted Rock 

Enchanted Rock is a pink granite natural landmark. Be prepared for a challenging climb and ensure you wear suitable clothing and shoes. Take a local guide if you’re unsure of the best way to climb.  

Go Tubing On Guadalupe River 

Float along the Guadalupe River in an inner tube and watch the stunning scenery go by. The cool waters of the Guadalupe River are ideal for cooling off in the hot Texan summer. Look for a trustworthy outfitter for your tubes and bring plenty of snacks and drinks.  

Spend Time Camping Out 

Visit a national park that allows camping and immerse yourself in nature. Learn about the weather and where it is suitable for camping. Be aware of predators in the area and bring the right gear.  

Learn To Shoot Or Enter A Competition 

Try your hand at shooting as a sport with one of the local shooting sports centers. If you’re already experienced with a gun, enter one of the competitions run throughout the year.  

Experience History In The Alamo 

Visit the location of the storied Alamo siege, located in San Antonio. Take a guided tour to learn about the history and take in the stunning architecture.  

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