Transcend Your Living Room or Kitchen Décor with a Chic Tablecloth

In most living rooms and kitchens, tables are one of the most vital pieces in the space. It is more than just a surface to place a collection of your favorite magazines or flower vases. There’s also more to it than a place to serve your favorite meal or drinks. Having a stylish kitchen tablecloth is the focal point of your décor due to its flexibility, functionality, and flair for drama. 

A mundane table can rediscover a new personality with a mix-and-match tablecloth decoration. With a piece of linen or wipe clean tablecloth, the plain table finds an additional texture and a layer of intrigue to what should be the centerpiece of the room. Here are some thoughts to consider if you are keen on chic and stylish tablecloth ideas to up your kitchen décor game.

Where Can You Place the Tablecloth?

A tablecloth goes perfectly fine on any table in your living room, just as in your dining room or other rooms. Linen tablecloth also goes well with every mood and ambiance. 

Coffee Table

Natural-colored linen that goes to the floor adds a shade of luxury to the living space. For the tablecloth to look dazzling and extravagant, let the cloth hang straight. The contrasting look of linen against the table cosmetics makes a chic combination in the center of your living room.

Side Table

Put it next to a chair or a sofa. A side table with decorating linen adds vibrance and mass with a dash of chicness to the room. The table can also fill a corner between seating furniture with style and extra colors. 

Hall Table

You might want to organize a beautiful entryway into your living area to make the home feel more inviting. To add an extra accent, you can set up a boldly decorated hall table. Adorn it with an audacious tablecloth to make it more impressive. Pick bold-colored linen and cover it with tailored glass if you like. You can decorate it with a vase of beautiful flowers as a cherry on top.

How Do You Style the Table?

Now that you have identified which tables in your living room to decorate with the linen or oval wipe clean tablecloth, it is time to shift the focus to the decorations. Your tablecloth decoration is only as good as the dressings you put on top of it. Pick a subtle color to transform the table into a backdrop beauty; select a bold color to make it the main focus of your living room décor. All you need to remember is to consider the color of your tables to make sure you create an elegant, contrasted look between the linen and the table.

Pick the Style of Your Decorative Tablecloth

Choose your style of tablecloth linen to match your tables and the living room personality. Covering a round table with linen dangling on the side gives it a classic look that radiates grace. Meanwhile, rectangular tables look more formal and neat. 

Choose an Ornamental Pattern

Colors and patterns also affect mood and personality. A solid color highlights a color block and texture to the room. Simple designs like plaid, check, or stripe complements the other patterns already presented in the room with neutrality. Floral patterns might be excessive, but as long as they match the patterns of your sofa or draperies, the result gives much-needed balance. 

Add a Topper If You Like to

If you are a fan of table runners or toppers, you can add one to place on top of your linen tablecloth. This separate tablecloth can match the fabrics of the base or compliment them. The shape can be round, square, or fitted with ornamental hems.

Nail the Final Touch

A table decorated with a linen can liven up your room and transcend your living room décor. The majestic touch of it gives your living space a simple yet dramatic bit of punch. Contrasting colors in a dim corner can light up the place. The draping linen also adds weight to the other furniture that might have bare legs. Add some personal ornaments or collections on top of your beautifully wrapped tables to reflect your own personality in the living room.


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