Top 5 Plants and Herbs Repel Rats and Mice

Rats and mice seem to be perennial pest problems for many people, particularly those who may have an older home or a yard that attracts these critters. No one wants to have these rodents around, and there are many ways to keep them at bay. One of the more common all-natural solutions to keep rats and mice away is to use plants and herbs that rats and mice dislike in order to keep them away. Continue reading to learn about the top five plants and herbs that can be used to repel rats and mice from your home and property.

How to Use the Plants and Herbs

It is no use knowing which plants and herbs to use if you are not sure how exactly you should use them to keep rodents away. There are a couple of ways that you can approach using plants to keep rodents out. First, you need to consider where you are trying to keep rodents from. If you are trying to keep them out of your home, it is important to identify where the most likely access points are outside of your home, as it is unreasonable to plant a solid barrier completely around your home. Look for any holes, cracks, gaps, or other weak points that a rodent could utilize. Then, you will be able to plant these plants and herbs right next to them in order to keep them away.

Another method for using these repelling plants and herbs comes into play when you are trying to keep rats and mice away from your garden. When you are doing this, it is feasible to make a barrier around the plants you are trying to save from the rodents eating them. Be sure to plant the plants very closely together in order to force rodents very close to the repelling plant, thereby making them turn around and leave.


This is a very broad category, but it appears that a wide variety of mint plants keep rats and mice away from your home and garden. These plants not only smell great and add color to your garden, but they also smell very repulsive to mice and rats. Peppermint is a very common plant used for this role, as it is common and very easy to maintain. Spearmint is also another great option, as it is hardy and will keep these destructive critters away.


Lavender is the type of plant that satisfies multiple purposes in one plant. First off, they provide a great purple color that will benefit your entire yard, as lavender plants will begin flowering with their purple flowers for all of the world to see. Not only do they look great, but they also smell great to humans, adding that beautiful aroma to your yard. Finally, they provide a great service in the fact that they keep rats and mice away from them very well. Something in the smell of lavender will cause even the most hungry rat or mouse to leave your vegetables alone!


Amaryllis is a beautiful plant that flowers a bright pink to a dark red flower and will come back for years to come! Not only will this plant look great in your garden, but it also has the power to keep rodents away with its scent!


The daffodil is commonly known for its pretty and bright yellow flowers, as well as being a perennial that comes back year after year. One area in which daffodils excel is keeping rodents away from wherever you have this planted!


More commonly known for the effect that it has on cats, catnip is a powerful mouse and rat repellent! The purple flowers give a nice contrast to this member of the mint family. Consider planting this around your garden!

Professional Help

If the plants do not seem to be working, it might be time to hire a professional wildlife removal company, such as These experts will perform services like the one-way funnel exclusion method for rat removal, as well as conventional trapping if you wish it. In addition, these companies also provide exclusion services that will prevent any future infestations from occurring. 


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