Top 5 Fashion Careers You Can Choose In the USA

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Nothing is more glamorous on the planet than working in the fashion industry. What draws people more here is its wide range of career opportunities and quirk responsibilities. From technologists and extravagant photoshoots to fashion content writers, you will find multiple job options here. 


I’m sure you are a fashion industry aspirant looking for some best fashion careers in the USA, right? Read this guide till the end to get suggestions for the top 5 fashion careers in the USA. 

Is The Fashion Industry A Good Career Destination?

The first query we would like to clarify before speaking about anything else is “whether the fashion industry is an amazing career destination.” 

Yes, it is, but why? – In simple words, owing to its popularity, stable income, and prosperous future. You might be thinking that a career in the fashion sector is all about dealing with garments. But in reality, this is not the case. Instead, it also consists of shoes, jewelry, accessories like bandana fashion band, designers, illustrators, content developers, merchandisers, and many more. 

So, finding a job won’t be difficult if you are eligible and passionate about working here. Oh wait, did you know the average annual pay package for fashion designers in the US is somewhat near $90,700? That’s huge, and with experience, you will earn even more. So the fashion sector of the U.S.A is definitely a brilliant career choice. 

Top 5 Best Fashion Careers In The USA

1. Fashion Illustrator

This is a job profile in the U.S. fashion industry that several candidates dream of. They are responsible for working closely with designs and coordinating them in creating fashion items illustrations. Moreover, they also design the images of clothing, accessories, shoes, etc., required for a brand. 

The average annual salary of a fashion designer in the United States is $88,500

2. Fashion Designers

 Fashion designers are one of the prestigious roles in the fashion industry of the U.S.A. They are super creative and have a robust fashion sense from multiple standards. Fashion designing means garments designers, sportswear designers, accessories designers, or jewelry designers. Their responsibilities vary from freelancing to boutique stores to large retail stores as well. 

The average annual salary of a fashion designer in the United States is $90,670.

3. Garment Technologist 

The job role of a garment technologist is quite unique and core-technology oriented. They work on designing new fashion materials by analyzing various combinations of fibers, textiles, fabrics, etc. They play a vital role in manufacturing garments, shoes, and other fashion wear, along with quality control. 

The average annual salary of a garment technologist in the United States is $145,908

4. Fashion Photographer 

Fashion photography is basically a genre of photography that dedicatedly displays fashion and clothing items. It has its own aesthetic style where fashion products are promoted amidst far-flung locations and accessories. In the U.S.A fashion sector, 4 types of fashion photography are on hype nowadays – Catalog photography, high fashion, street fashion, and editorial fashion. You can also work with large media houses as a freelance fashion photographer. 

The average annual salary of a fashion photographer in the United States is $52,000

5. Fashion Content Writer

Here is my favorite career option in the U.S. fashion industry – Fashion writer. I hope you have heard of VOGUE, Damsel in Dior, Stylecraze, Loreal Paris, The Fashion Daily, etc. Imagine yourself working with them… doesn’t it give you goosebumps? The fashion writers here work collaboratively with PRs to produce engaging fashion and media content. Also, fashion writers in the U.S.A. work for fashion websites, magazines, television, blogs, and newspapers. The critical skills required to sustain this profile are excellent communication skills, creativity, an eye for detail, and excellent language proficiency.  

The average annual salary of a fashion content writer in the United States is $98,500.

Here is not the end; there are many appealing career options in the fashion sector of the USA. We will be coming up with more information in the future. Stay tuned to our blog, and Happy Reading!

Summing It Up

Undoubtedly, the fashion industry of the USA is a dream place to work. With myriad career options, great work environments, and lucrative salary packages, the US fashion sector is in a demanding position. Is your professional goal to be a part of this industry in the future? Then get prepared, have faith, and work hard to achieve it.

Did this guide solve queries regarding fashion career choices in the U.S.A.? Do not forget to comment on your viewpoints in the area below; we can’t wait to hear your voices. Also, keep following our page to enjoy more intriguing guides on barbering and how to become a barber in 2022. 


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