Top 3 Air Purifiers for Your Home

Contributed by Oana Pauna

Every home needs a particular device to clean the air of harmful, dangerous particles like pollen, cigarette smoke, dust, and pet dander and keep you safe and healthy. What is this device and where can you buy it? This tool is called air purifier, and it can be purchased online at an affordable price.
Keeping your home clean and safe is an essential thing for all your family especially if you have small kids. The air they breathe is one critical pointer to the quality of the life you are offering to them. You should keep that in mind when you think about buying an air purifier & ioniser for your home.

Here are the top 3 air purifiers for your home.

  1. VonHaus Purifier – the best air purifier

This air purifier contains a four filter system to get the gases, viruses out of your house air to offer you an indeed purified air. The item that makes this device unique is the True HEPA filter which has an excellent reputation as refining more than 99.7% of pollutants greater than 0.3 micros. As a difference from other noisy air purifiers, this one is silent as a mouse. You wouldn’t even know it’s working.

  1. Tevigo Ionizer – the second best air purifier

This air purifier is perfect for those rooms where the air isn’t smelling all roses like bathrooms or rooms for smokers. It comes at a reasonable price, and it looks pretty compact. One important fact about this air purifier is that it uses negative ions to trap and to remove undesirable particles. You should know that you don’t need any additional filter. It works perfectly fine without addition. It comes with a free cleaning brush, so you make sure the air is as fresh and clean as possible. The sound it makes is not disturbing so you can use it in perfect conditions in your bedroom or workspace.

  1. PureMate XJ-1000 – the third best air purifier

The third device we recommend it the most compact air purifier of all three. As you can see from the pictures, it comes into a minimal size, small, so you don’t have to worry about the space. You can even hide it in a corner if you want it to stay hidden. Since it is an ionic air purifier, you won’t have to worry about buying and changing any filter. It will work for a long time without one. A Puremate air purifier is utterly silent since it has no motor and you can use it even in your bedroom or your baby’s room. You should further know that this device uses adverse ionic and advanced electronic air movement technologic to provide the best purifying process.

We presented you with our top three air purifiers. It’s up to you to choose one, the one which suits you and your family needs. Choose wisely, buy smart!


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