4 Popular Window Styles and How They Stand Out


You’ll need to decide on a number of essential factors when investing in new windows. These include your choice of window style, which contribute greatly to your home’s look and feel. You might want to do a bit of research first, weighing the pros of different styles and how they meet your home’s specific needs. Take into account its:

  • Architectural style. Your new windows should complement your home’s existing style and color scheme. This doesn’t just improve its curb appeal–it also adds to historic accuracy.
  • There are actually window styles which can maximize your home’s available square footage. You can provide your home a more spacious feel with these windows.
  • Comfort and Energy efficiency. Window style also plays a huge role in keeping a pleasant indoor environment. If you want to retain heating energy inside your home, choose a style which offers great insulation. To maintain cooler rooms in warm days, pick a window style that allows access to good natural ventilation. This helps reduce your reliance to your HVAC system, offering considerable energy savings.
  • You can improve our home’s lighting by choosing a window style with fewer dividers and a larger glass area.

With these factors in mind, picking the perfect window style for your home is more worry-free. Check out these four examples and how they benefit you:

#1. Double-Hung Windows

This is one of the most popular window styles used in homes across the country. Double-hung windows come with two operable sashes that slide vertically. They are versatile enough to match with most home styles, whether it’s traditional Colonial and Craftsman or Contemporary and Modern. In fact, the clean and simple appearance of double-hung windows won’t look out of place in any room.

Newer double-hung windows are available with tilt-in, or even removable sashes, which makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. When you open both top and bottom sashes at the same time, you’ll have access to superior natural ventilation. By expelling warm, stale air through the top sash and letting in cooler, healthier air from the bottom, double-hung windows help improve indoor air quality. This means reduced potential for moisture, which encourages mold and mildew.

#2. Casement Windows

This window style used to be the go-to option before sash windows were introduced. Casement windows come with panels that swing outward or in via hinges on the side. Their simple design is an excellent match for rustic Cabin and Cottage-style homes.

They can be opened fully or angled to direct breezes into your home. By cooling your home naturally when opened, casement windows can help reduce your air conditioning costs. In fact, this style is second only to picture windows in energy efficiency. Casement windows keep an airtight seal when closed, allowing for greater insulation. This means heating or cooling energy remains trapped inside your home.

#3. Picture Windows

This window style is a staple in Contemporary and Modern homes, but is now fast gaining traction in traditional homes, as well. Picture windows feature a sleek design–slim frames and expansive glass which provides unobstructed access to natural light. This allows for a brighter, more spacious feel in your home. This same glass area also maximizes your viewing area, making picture windows the perfect option for framing outstanding outdoor views.

Because these windows are inoperable, they keep tighter, more durable seals. However, you can still configure them with another window style if you want to ventilate your rooms. For example, you can add casement windows above or on the sides of a picture unit.

#4. Bay and Bow Windows

When space is at a premium in your home, you might want to choose bay and bow windows for your replacement project. They protrude from your home, creating a deep sill area which offers a number of functions. This makes bay and bow units handy as:

  • A cozy breakfast nook
  • Additional seating area in your living room
  • Shelf for your favorite reading materials
  • A surface to display knick-knacks, flowering plants, and other decorative items
  • Discreet storage space
  • A reading lounge

Bay and bow windows have a lovely, curved design reminiscent of brooding Victorian homes. Like picture windows, they have a large glass area offering extended outdoor views and access to natural light.

Other Window Factors to Consider

Window replacement is a huge investment, so you also have to consider other essentials  to ensure you can get the most out of it. Style is important, but you can augment the features they offer with:

  • The Right Framing Material. Make sure your new windows come with a durable and energy-efficient material. Composite frames and sashes, for example, can offer the insulating properties of wood, helping improve the airtight seal provided by casement windows.
  • The Right Glass Package. Replacement windows today use advanced glass options to further improve your home’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Premier window manufacturers, for instance, use modified Low-E (low-emissivity) glass which allows significant natural light into your home, minus the accompanying heat. This helps maintain thermal comfort, while protecting your interior from sun-related fading.

Make the most of your replacement project by choosing the window style that best suits your home’s needs. Don’t forget to hire a reliable window company for the job, as well. This way, you’re sure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.


Author Bio:

Larry Landes is President and Owner of Renewal by Andersen of Central and Northern New Jersey. His decades of experience in both the commercial and residential home improvement, combined with his advanced training from Renewal by Andersen, ensures that Larry and his team are able to deliver on their promises each and every time.



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