Thrifty Travelers – 5 Essential Tips to Help You Afford that Trip of a Lifetime

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Let’s be real here: travel is expensive. If it weren’t, the words of this article never would’ve found themselves in the arrangement you’re reading now. And the words “I’d love to travel if only I could afford it” would be strangers to each other. All is not lost, however! There are ways to reduce the exorbitant costs of travel. Here, we take you through five big ones that will change the way that you think about travel and bring it into the realm of affordability.

1. Get tricky with flight deals

You probably already know that buying ahead of time during airline sales or at travel expos will save you handsomely. However, you have to go about this the right way. Many would-be travelers let the best deals pass them by because they don’t have funds at the time. In such cases, small fast loans can save you hundreds. These can be arranged online and, provided you do your research and find a reputable organization, the repayment terms are surprisingly flexible. With the small amount of interest massively outweighed by the savings you made on the flight deal, the loan ends up being more than worth it when compared with a larger personal loan from a bank or predatory payday loans.

2. Voluntourism

There are many organizations offering volunteer experiences and, if you’re at college, you may even be able to do it through your school for credit. As with the previous point, it’s vital to do your research as there are some instances in which volunteering abroad can do more harm than good. Choose wisely, however, and you will be rewarded with a deep dive into the culture of the place you’re visiting that just isn’t possible for tourists. While there will be work involved, this is always balanced with free time. You also have a massive range of projects to choose from, so you can find something you know you’ll enjoy that will also be of benefit to your career progression and résumé. Wins all around!

3. Work remotely

If it’s possible to do the work you love remotely, this avenue is worth pursuing as it frees you up to travel anywhere that has reliable internet. As with the last recommendation, you will be mixing work with leisure. However, you can also travel indefinitely since you’ll always have money coming in, meaning your sense of freedom isn’t going to suffer. On the contrary, being able to recline by a beach in Mexico while knocking out some work for one of your clients will make you so grateful you’ll find a new sense of joy in every keystroke.

4. House-sitting

Sign up with a reputable house-sitting agency that covers the destinations you’re interested in and allow the jobs to determine where you go! While the work isn’t guaranteed, it can save you hugely on accommodation. You get to enjoy the comforts of a home environment, and will have the whole place to yourself… for free! You usually don’t get paid but what you save on accommodation makes house-sitting worthwhile. Being an animal lover will help as many of the jobs involve pet-sitting.

5. Couch surfing

In between your house-sitting jobs, if you’re not keen on splurging for accommodation, you can switch to couch surfing. Sign up on a couch surfing site and explore your options. While you’ll have pretty simple accommodation, it’s free and you also get to meet locals who are keen to exchange travel stories and show you around the area.


Hopefully, these five ideas have inspired you to forget the idea that “travel is too expensive.” Get researching and make it a reality in your life. Bon, voyage!


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