Things You Can Sell to Make Extra Money While You’re at Home

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For the time being, everyone is stuck at home as a result of various forms of stay-at-home orders. Scientists from around the world are racing to find the vaccine from COVID-19, but life won’t be a casual walk in the park anytime soon. The economy is taking a big blow because of this pandemic, which has forced the cessation of business operations, and Americans are dipping into their savings to get by.

Reopening the economy is a highly contentious issue at the moment and remains uncertain; nevertheless, you need to stop your pockets from bleeding or at least have extra income. For the tech-savvy people, they can try setting up an online store with this pricing. E-commerce is a thriving industry, with US merchants earning as much as $602 billion last year, according to Digital Commerce 360. That’s hardly surprising, considering how convenient it is to purchase things online.

As the definition of normalcy is changing today, contactless transactions and deliveries are expected to become the regular way of business. Moreover, it’s actually pretty easy to run an online store, so anybody can try doing it. Here are a few products you can sell.

Art: Photos, Watercolor Paintings, Digital Designs, Drawings

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The malls, museums, and other venues for entertainment and recreation are still closed, but that doesn’t stop people from appreciating art or creative gifts. People continue to celebrate life events such as birthdays and anniversaries, so you can certainly make magic and money with your art. Fancy, personalized gifts like drawings of a significant other or landscape paintings make each commemoration of life events special. Not just that, but your art can be used as a decoration that adds uplifting aesthetic appeal to a home.

On the business end of things, digital marketing and other technology-based industries still thrive online, so if you’re a graphic designer, creating marketing collateral and other visuals is right up your alley. Doing freelance work as a designer allows you to pursue your creative passions while you earn money at the comfort and safety of your own home. There are plenty of sites where you can find freelance jobs, and it’s important that you know how much to charge your clients for your hard work.

Food, Glorious Food

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If you’re a foodie and you love cooking or gardening, selling food is a lucrative business idea. Food is a staple need, after all, and people can’t keep living on microwavable meals. You need to observe hygienic food-handling practices, of course, and the items on your menu or inventory should all be easy to prepare.

If you grow vegetables in your balcony garden, you can sell organic produce to those who don’t have time for grocery runs. Eating nutritious food is important in keeping the body healthy, and pesticide-free food gives potential customers one less thing to worry about during this health crisis.

Preloved Books, Clothes, and Other Items

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If you’ve had the time and leisure of decluttering your wardrobe and other areas of the house, you may as well sell your gently used clothes and other items. Things that are still in good condition don’t deserve to end up in the trash and flood overflowing landfills, and other people may actually need what you can sell. Just make sure you clean your products thoroughly before you sell them.

A Few Reminders

Running an e-commerce site will require your creative skills and attention to detail. If you want customers to notice your products, you should make your website user-friendly. It should be easy to navigate, and the products should have apt descriptions and clear photos so people know what they can expect to receive. In the case of clothes, you should be honest about flaws on the garments.

The checkout process should be easy, and there should be multiple payment options available. The key is to make the entire shopping experience pleasant and hassle-free. Although you’re only branching out into e-commerce just to get supplemental income, you may actually enjoy it and consider making it a permanent gig. Good luck on your venture!


What are other things you would consider selling online? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Contributed by Melissa Page

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  1. Nice! I could use some extra money. I have lots of clothes I need to sell. I cannot draw at all!

  2. These are some great ways to earn extra money while staying at home! It’s hard for me to sell my old belongings ! 🙂

  3. Food delivery has been the most important commodity since the lockdown. Been ordering a lot through delivery apps.

  4. These are some of the items I’ve seen on my online browsing. It really does come in handy for sellers and resellers to deliver these items on customers. Helpful indeed.

  5. it is much helpful blog..your given ideas and tips are much helpful and informative…it is a good way to make money while this situation but it is also not that easy too…

  6. If only I’m good at artwork, I would definitely take advantage of this. But I am enjoying crocheting, and shopping online for secondhand items.

  7. I have actually thought about selling lunches before because I am a pretty good cook and everyone loves my food. It’s a great way of making some extra money.

  8. These are really good tips. It is a good time to find extra income to make. Appreciate it!!!🤗

  9. I should definitely think about selling some of the books I have and doing something with them all. I never thought about selling paintings. But I can think of some art work which would be fun to sell.

  10. I’m a cook and a recipe developer. I teamed up with my eldest son and he took care of the deliveries. That helped us a lot!

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