These Watches Are Right On Time For School #CoolSchool18

Make a Statement With a Beautiful Watch

This year for school make sure you are always on time with a nice timepiece from Time World Inc.  Watches make wonderful accessories and are completely functional.  Plus cell phones are not allowed in some schools, so you need a watch to tell the time.  Therefore find a watch that is all you and really helps tell your style story.

  About Time World Inc.

Time World is an Amazon store where you can get amazing Burgi watches for great prices.  You will find leather bands in all colors, metal bands, and dazzling jewelry bands.  The faces also have so many styles to choose from like: Swarovski crystals, Quartz, Mother of Pearl, Diamond accents, glitter, and different dials too.  There are watches that sparkle and more classy options.  There really is something for everyone with over 300 Burgi Watches to pick from.

My Watch

I picked a really pretty watch called, Burgi Women’s BUR131 Swarovski Crystal Accented Peacock Feather Dial with Satin Over Leather Strap Watch.  The face has silver metal around a peacock feather.  Then around the feather, there are Swarovski crystals in a pretty feather outline shape.  Then the band is white satin material over leather.  The white really draws attention to the watch and accentuates the face.  Most noteworthy is there were several styles of the same watch to pick from.  There were faces with Rose gold around them and dark bands too.  I sat there trying to decide which coloration I most loved for myself.

My Thoughts

I love this watch because I love peacocks and their entire color theme.  Then add to that sparkly Swarovski Crystals and I am in love.  This watch feels great and has kept perfect time.  It is even water resistant up to 99 feet.  It is silent and that is nice because some wrist watches tick as the second-hand goes along which can be annoying.  This watch or any of the Burgi watches on the Time World site would make a lovely addition to all the back to school clothes.  Give your daughters a helping hand with these fashionable and functional watches.

Which watch do you love the most?

Get your favorite right here!

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