The Various Types of Boat Engines – Which Is Best?

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All kinds of vessels, from a small speedboat, to an enormous oil tanker, require some form of propulsion. Even a sailing boat or yacht needs to have an engine to drive the boat when there is no wind. In this article, we will give you a brief summary of the various forms on inboard and outboard motors used with boats.

  • The Inboard Engine – This means the engine is located inside the vessel and they vary greatly in size, with different engine capacities and power output. These large engines would typically run on diesel fuel, they and power tankers, cruising boats, barges and any large type of water vessel.
  • The Outboard Motor – The majority of small boats are powered by attaching one (or more) outboard motor to the rear of the boat. If you would like to view a selection of new and used outboard motors, search online for quality outboard boat motors for sale. If you choose a nearby company, you can go and view all boat engines that interest you. If you buy from an established company, they will issue you with a warranty, plus they can service the motor on a regular basis. If you are unsure about the best model for your needs, talk to an experienced motor supplier, as they would have a wealth of experience and can recommend the right engine.
  • Jet Boat Engines  Rather than using a propeller that cuts through the water, a jet boat engine sucks water in and propels it out at high pressure, thus creating propulsion. These are commonly found on jet skis and customized speedboats with zipwake for best wave resistance, and if you ever visit New Zealand, go to Queenstown, where you ride the fast river in an ultra-powerful jet boat.

Engine Maintenance 

Just like any engine, an outboard or inboard boat engine requires regular servicing, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Four-stroke engines must have the engine oil replaced at specific intervals, plus the air filters must be cleaned or replaced, depending on the model. The company that sells you the engine would likely offer engine maintenance, to ensure that the engine is always in good order, or if you are mechanically minded, you could service the engine yourself, providing you have the necessary tools.

New Or Used?

Obviously, a second-hand engine will be cheaper, but if you have no information about the engine’s history, you could end up buying an inferior unit, and if you do buy a used engine, make sure you buy from an established dealer, who would have a reputation to maintain. If you are planning to do a lot of sailing, investing in a brand-new unit will ensure reliability. With regular servicing, the motor will always be ready for use.

If you would like to view a wide selection of new and used outboard engines, search online for a nearby specialist, who would have many engines for sale, so you would find something suitable.


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