The Goechala Trek: An Overview of 9 Days 

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Goechala trek is one of the most famous treks in India because of its grand views of big mountains. When you reach the highest point of Goechala you will witness a stunning 180-degree view of Mount Kanchenjunga and other high peaks. The best time for this trek is September to December. At this time you will get the best view of sunrise and sunset from the snow-covered mountains and on the other hand, April and May are springtime at that time you can see the blooming flowers and clear mountain views. One of the biggest highlights of this trek is that you will witness the most mesmerizing sunrise scene on the Kanchenjunga range.

This trek is approximately 92 km long from Yuksom to Yuksom. it will take approx 9-10 days to complete it. The best route for the Goechlala trek is Yuksom – Sachen – tshoka – dzongri – thansing – lamuney – Goechala. Due to the length of the days, starting the trek early in the morning is highly recommended so you can reach the campsite before the night.

Quick itinerary for the Goechala trek

Day 1 – travel to Yuksom from NJP (140 km)

Our journey will begin from here. Travel to Yuksom which will take approx 6-7 hours. There you will pass through the police check post at Melli, an inner line permit is required if you are a foreigner. On the way to Jorethang, you will have lunch and then an overnight stay in Yuksom.

Day 2 – Yuksom to Sachen trek

The distance of this trek is around 8 km which will take 6 hours to cover and the altitude is 7200 ft. You would have to carry your lunch as there is no good shop on the route and the area has less water availability. You will pass through dense forests where you will have to climb up and down. You may also see various animals on your routes like yak and mules. After an hour you will see the Tshoka Bridge there you have to pass through the iron bridges and after an hour of walking you will be reaching your campsites then you will have to stay overnight in tents.

Day 3 – sachen to Toshika trekking via Bakhim

This is a 7 km long trek that will take approximately 5 hours to cover. The altitude of Bakhim is 8600 ft. and Toshiko’s is 9700 ft. Take a walk exploring the beauty of nature to the Iron Bridge which is approximately 1 km from Sachen. Then in Bakhim, you will find several tea stalls where you can take refreshments and fill your water bottles. This is a 2 km trek from Bakhim to Tshoika and the trail is full of trees, plants, and beautiful mountains. Then you will have lunch at the campsite and an overnight stay there.

Day 4 –  Toshika to Dzongiri trekking via Phe Dang 

The distance of this trek is around 9 km, which will take 7 hours to cover. The altitude of Phedang is 10500 ft. and Dzongri is 12980 ft. You will have to take a walk from Tsohik to Phe Dang which is approximately 4 km and it will take up to 3 hours on the other hand the distance from Phedang to Dzongri is also 4 km which will take the same 3 hours to cover. This is a rocky and zigzag trail. You will have to carry your water bottles and lunch box along with you because there is no availability of food and water there. Stay overnight at the campsite.

Day 5 – Dozngiri to Thansing trekking via Kokcharang

Start the hike early in the morning to reach the top of Dongri which is 13,675ft. That will take around one hour to cover. From there you can witness the beauty of some of the most beautiful mountain peaks such as Kumbhkarna, Frey Peak, and many more. You can spend your time walking and exploring lush green forests and rugged mountains. Kokcharang is 12000 ft and Thansing is 12900 ft. It will take approximately 6 hours to cover it. Enjoy the beauty of nature, walk through lush green gardens, see beautiful animals after reaching Kokcharang, fill your water bottles, and then walk toward the bridge toward the Prekchu River. After reaching Thansing, have lunch at the camp.

Day 6 – Thṣansing – Lamuney

This trek is around 3 km which will take 1 to 2 hours to cover. The altitude of Thansing to Lamuney is 13650 ft. Have breakfast and proceed toward Lumuney, this trek is not so difficult. Have your lunch at the campsite. Go for a hike to Samiti Lake after reaching Lamuney the distance of the hike is 1 km. 

Day 7 – lamuney – goechala via samiti lake back to lamuney

The altitude of Goechala is 16000 ft. and it is a trek that is 6 km long which will take approx 5-6 hours to cover. To reach the peak of Goechala, get ready and leave at 3:30 am, before starting the trek, have some light breakfast and tea. It is an easy walk from Lamuney to Samiti Lake where you will have to walk for around an hour. You will walk from Lamuney to Goechala which is around 1 hour. After reaching the peak, have some rest, enjoy the view, have your lunch, and proceed toward Thansing or Kokcharang.

Day 8 – Kokcharang/Thansing – Tshoka via Phedang

Start the trek at 7 am which will take around 3 hours to cover, it is a 4-hour walk from Kokcharang to Phedang so carry your water bottles and lunch box. You will have to climb up and down through the rhododendron forest.

Day 9 – Tshoka – Yuksom 

Today you have to climb down as you did on the 2nd and 3rd day. don’t forget to carry your lunch box and water bottle as you will not find food and water on the trail.              

Day 10 – Yuksom – NJP 

It will take approximately 8 hours to complete the drive of 150 km from Yuksom to NJP. leave Yuksom early in the morning so that you can reach NJP by 5 pm without any hassle to catch the train on time.

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