7 Ways Millennials Are Working Less and Earning More

While millennials are seldom perceived or seen as financially responsible, the truth is that they’re, on average, working less and earning more than their predecessors. This is mostly due to the current state of the internet that has opened up some amazing opportunities for the people of this fortunate generation. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that the internet is merely a tool and it’s the way in which they use it that allows millennials to make this into something so lucrative. With that in mind, and without further ado, here are seven ways in which millennials are working smarter, not harder, which ultimately allows them to work less and earn more.

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How to Stay Sane and Healthy While Working a Hectic Schedule

Working a hectic schedule isn’t an ideal way to live, but for some of us, it’s just a fact of reality. When you work a high-powered job or run your own business, it’s imperative to keep working as much as possible in order to make the money you need for later in life.

But how can you stay sane and healthy when it feels like all you do is work? Try these tips.

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How to Solve Problems for Working Couples

Contributed by Brian Adam

Understanding The Struggles of Working Couples and Surviving The Demands of A Dual-Career Relationship

In the traditional sense of relationships, women are perceived to serve their full purpose when they focus only on fulfilling their roles as a wife and eventually, as a mother. However, a lot of things have changed since the 1960s, when women have shifted their stance towards their social role: a steady rise in female workers and the start of what experts call “dual-career couples”. It is a situation within a relationship where both the man and woman struggle to maintain a career to support their families.
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