4 Perfect New Year’s Gifts for Neighbors and Friends

Ringing in a new year is usually a tradition that’s done among family and friends. Even if you plan to forego your usual festivities this year due to local lockdown measures, you can still show your loved ones that you wish them well for the upcoming year with some distinctive gifts. Here are some great New Year’s gift ideas for friends and neighbors that’ll get them off to a good start in January.

Curated Collection of Herbal Teas

2020 has been a hectic year for many people. Enjoying a hot cup of herbal tea is a practical way to relieve stress and take in healthy plant nutrients at the same time. Your gifted collection of tisanes can be one that you purchased from a boutique tea purveyor or one that you thoughtfully assembled yourself. For the do-it-yourself herbal tea collection, start with a small decorative box. Fill the package with herbal blends that you like, ones that you want your friend to try, and those that you know are your friend’s favorites. The flavor options are endless. Include exotic blends such as Kiwi Lime Ginger tea by Tea Forte or old standbys such as a high-quality chamomile tea.

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Create Family Traditions with Adagio Tea #Review

This winter you can warm yourself with some delicious tea, and create warm hearts and memories while you are at it.  Adagio blends are sublime and the whole family will find something they like.  Plus they have specific blends that correlate with seasons and holidays.  Grab a Christmas flavor like gingerbread or peppermint, and celebrate the holiday with new traditions.

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