5 Things You Need to Remember to Budget for When Building a House

Whether you are reviewing your budget to determine if you can afford to build a new home or construction on your new home is already underway, you understandably want to ensure that you can afford your move-in experience. The bulk expense associated with building a home will be finalized by the time you start unloading the moving truck, but there are a few additional expenses that you need to plan for after the construction is completed.

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Signs that You Will Need a New Furnace

We tend to think about our furnaces only during the heating season. However, once the heating season starts, you may end up facing some issues with your furnace. Fortunately, most of those problems are easily avoided by a regular maintenance. Even if you skipped it, most breakdowns are easily repaired by skilled professionals like Action AC.

However, there are some instances when your furnace is telling you that it is nearing the end of its work life and that it might be time to invest in a new one. Keep an eye on these problems.
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Help a Family in Need – Fundraiser

This was recently brought to my attention by a fellow blogger.  If you can help, I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated.



 “Just recently a family came home to discover that their house had flooded.  They will have to stay in a hotel while repairs are being made. Both the hotel stay and the repairs are incurring costs that they cannot afford. To compound it all, the wife is five months pregnant and many of their new baby items were destroyed.  In an effort to help this family in need, several bloggers have rallied to help this family.  We have started a fundraiser.  If you would like to help – visit the GoGetFunding page here.”


Also, there is a Paparazzi Accessories Fundraiser event  being held on Facebook for this family.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.