How to Protect Your Child from Online Grooming

Contributed by Nataliya Stefanus

Online grooming is a term you need to remember, because you are going to hear it quite often.  It has nothing to do with hair or personal looks, but with online predators, who are using “grooming” to attract their innocent victims.
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Getting to Grips with Dog Grooming Tools

Contributed by Lucy Sheppard

Regular grooming is essential to keep your dog’s coat in peak condition, but it can be a challenging task if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Grooming is necessary to remove dirt, dead hair and tangles, as well as helping to improve circulation and dry skin conditions. Regular grooming will also help to stimulate the oils in your dog’s skin and distribute them throughout the coat. It is therefore important to use the right grooming tools for your dog’s coat type to ensure that you do a thorough job.


Bristle brushes

These brushes are extremely versatile and can accommodate dogs with any coat type. They can be purchased in a variety of different bristle lengths with varying spacing between the bristles – basically, the longer the dog’s coat is, the longer and more widely spaced the bristles need to be. These brushes are perfect for removing loose hair and stimulating the skin.
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