Stay Safe: Effective Strategies for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation


As unfortunate events continue to occur, it is vital to acknowledge that hostile vehicle attacks happen more frequently than one would think. Whether it be an individual attempting to harm a crowd of people or a car that loses control and drives into a building, these acts of aggression should not be overlooked. However, there are ways to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening. This blog will discuss the various hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) strategies available to keep you and your community safe.

Physical Barriers

One of the most effective ways to stop a potential attack is to use physical barriers. Deploying barriers such as concrete blocks and steel bollards can block or redirect the path of a hostile vehicle. This action is an excellent method of protection, especially around sensitive areas and events that may attract a high volume of people. However, the downside to physical barriers is the cost of installation and maintenance.


Another effective HVM technique is to use bollards. Bollards are vertical posts that are either fixed or retractable, which can be installed to block off pedestrian areas or restrict vehicular access. Depending on the location, bollards can be designed to blend in with the surrounding environment. These security posts come in an array of materials, such as stainless steel, stone, and plastic. Regardless of the material used, bollards can withstand a high-velocity impact. These devices are incredibly effective in protecting both the hardware and the people.

Rising Arm Barriers

Rising arm barriers or boom gates are an alternative method that allows entry control to investigators, while restricting unauthorized vehicles’ access. This approach determines the integrity of the entry point, which will limit the vehicle’s speed and create an illuminated, high-visibility area that will reduce the likelihood of a malicious attack. However, if relevant measures are not taken into account, the gates may result in impeding the flow of traffic and become an inconvenience to drivers.

Archer 1200 Barrier

One of the most cost-effective hostile vehicle mitigation solutions is the Archer 1200 Barrier. This device does not compromise on safety, as it is a highly durable, crash-tested barrier. The Archer 1200 Barrier offers significant security, ideal for temporary hostile vehicle mitigation needs, providing an impact rating of 1200kJ. This lightweight barrier is incredibly versatile, making it a perfect solution for events and functions that require temporary but reliable protection. Additionally, the barrier is fast and easy to install and dismantle, requiring minimal effort or machinery.

Security Personnel

No matter the HVM installed, it is always beneficial to have security personnel on-site on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Training your personnel to identify suspicious behaviors or vehicles around the vicinity can effectively deter a potential attack or minimize its impact.

There are several effective techniques for hostile vehicle mitigation, such as physical barriers, bollards, and rising arm barriers. Although they are helpful, the cost can be prohibitive. However, there are cost-effective options, such as the Archer 1200 Barrier, which provides quick and reliable protection. Ultimately, implementing any of these methods can help to reduce the risk of a hostile vehicle attack, ensuring the safety of those around the vicinity while maintaining the freedom of movement in urban and public spaces.

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