Starting a Business in Asia: Top 5 Suggestions

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  • Asia is an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses.
  • Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Malaysia are five countries that stand out as great options for starting a business in Asia.
  • Considerations when choosing a country include market potential and business environment.
  • Cultural and language considerations, as well as infrastructure, should also be taken into account.
  • Asia offers favorable business environments, incentives for foreign investors, and well-established infrastructures.

The Asian market has recently taken off, with more and more entrepreneurs expanding their businesses there. Asia has many opportunities, with rapidly growing economies and business-friendly policies, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. Read below to find out more about some of the best countries in Asia for starting up a business:


Singapore is a hub for business in Asia and is known as one of the most business-friendly countries in the world. The government policies are geared towards entrepreneurship and encourage foreign investors to set up their businesses in the country.

The tax regime in Singapore is also highly favorable for businesses, as corporate tax rates are as low as 17%. Singapore also boasts a highly educated workforce and a well-established infrastructure that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to run their businesses efficiently.

Hong Kong

While Hong Kong is a part of China, it operates as an autonomous region with different economic regulations. Hong Kong is known for its world-class infrastructure and excellent transportation network. It also offers low corporate taxes and incentives to attract foreign businesses.

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Japan is another Asian country that offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs. The government is known for its innovative technologies and tech-savvy workforce. There are many advantages to starting a business in Japan, including its well-established infrastructure, a highly educated workforce, and a business-friendly environment.

Japan also offers many incentives for foreign investors, such as tax breaks and subsidies. The only downside is that the business culture in Japan can be quite challenging for foreigners to understand.


China is the largest market in the world and is, therefore, a beautiful destination for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses. The country has a vast pool of highly skilled workers and a growing middle class with high purchasing power.

Despite the complexities of doing business in China, the government has continuously made it easier for foreign investors to set up their businesses. China offers incentives such as tax holidays, exemptions, and the use of industrial parks to encourage companies to set up shops in the country.


Malaysia is an emerging market in Asia that is slowly becoming a haven for foreign investors. The government has implemented various policies aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship in the country. Malaysia also has a growing middle class, which translates to increased demands for goods and services. Malaysia offers competitive tax rates and a well-established infrastructure that makes it easier for businesses to thrive.

What to Consider

Choosing the correct country for businesses looking to expand into Asia can make all the difference between success and failure. Here are the top four things to consider:

Market Potential

The market potential is the first thing to consider when choosing a country for your business in Asia. You need to identify the countries with a large and growing consumer base likely to purchase your products or services. For example, China and India are the two most populous countries globally, and their populations represent a massive market for most businesses.

Business Environment

The second factor is the business environment, including the regulatory framework, taxes, corruption levels, and bureaucracy. You need to research the ease of doing business in each country and the legal and regulatory requirements for setting up a business. Some countries like Singapore and Hong Kong have a highly conducive business environment and are known for their low tax rates, simple registration procedures, and minimal bureaucratic hurdles.

Cultural and Language Considerations

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Asia has a rich cultural heritage, and each country has unique customs, traditions, and business practices. You must thoroughly research the cultural norms, etiquette, and language spoken in the country you intend to do business. Communication is essential in business, so evaluate the accessibility of English speakers and the official language spoken in the country.


The fourth and final factor to consider when choosing a country in Asia for your business is the state of infrastructure. A robust and reliable infrastructure is essential to support the operations of any business. This includes access to quality logistic and transportation networks, reliable energy supply, internet connectivity, and banking facilities.

The Takeaways

In conclusion, Asia is a vast and rapidly growing market that offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs. These countries provide favorable business environments, incentives for foreign investors, and well-established infrastructures that make doing business in Asia much easier. Additionally, these countries have highly educated workforces and growing middle classes, translating to increased demand for goods and services.

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