Seven Ways to Make your House Feel More Homey

Guest post contributed by Sophia Evans 

No matter whether you have just moved into your new house or you have been procrastinating the work of turning your new place of living into a cozy home, it is about time to get active and do something about the comfort of your own home. There are seven easy ways you can give your house a more homey vibe.


1. Start with a deep cleaning

Before doing anything else you should make sure that your new home is cleaned properly. Don’t miss any room and pay special attention to the bathroom and kitchen, since they are usually the areas which need more serious cleaning. Once you are done with the deep cleaning and you know your new living environment is free from any bacteria, you can do anything you want to transform the new place into a home.

2. Put some new curtains

Windows are a big part of your rooms. Choose some curtains which go together with the color of your walls or you can always put some curtains which suit your taste and are color and with extraordinary design. This will certainly bring some new and fresh feeling to your home.

3. Express your artsy side

Nothing can show your personal style as decorating your new home with the type of art that you like. A simple piece of art which suits your taste can transform your house into a cozy and fun-looking home. If you want to unleash your creative side, you can always do some DIY decorating project and feel complete satisfaction of your work.

4. Change the lighting in the rooms

A lot of people do not pay attention to the lighting in the rooms of their homes. However, you will be amazed how big of a difference such a little thing can do. Buy some pretty nightlight for your bedroom and do some fun light installation art in your living room. This can turn your home into a comfortable space in an instance.

5. Use your favorite scent

The best way to make your house feel like your own home is to use a scented candle with a scent that you like. Every time you smell the nice aroma you can think of the comfort you feel when you are at your clean peaceful corner in your home.

6. Fill your home with pillows

Choose a room of your home which you can fill with as many pillows and throws as you like. This corner will become your new zone for relaxation and you can feel the comfort of being in your own home. Having a favourite place in your house can definitely make you feel homesick when you are away from home.

7. Revive the atmosphere with some plants

By putting some plants in your house you can feel the satisfaction of having something which can bring some cleanliness and freshness in the air. Once you decide to take care of something you can definitely feel the difference between just staying in an empty space and properly living in a home which you can call your own.
It won’t take you long before you get so used to your home that you won’t want to leave it. The corner you made for yourself will be a great place to snuggle with your favorite book under the blanket. Homemade meals will become a way to treat yourself once you get back home. If you do these simple things you can finally consider your house as your fortress which you can’t wait to go back to whenever you need an escape from the busy world.

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