Home Security Features to Keep Your Family Safe

With the advent of modern technology in recent times, it is now extremely possible to track your home. All you need to keep your family safe is to install a tracking device in your home.

If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are quite a good number GPS devices out there for you, which can even link it to your mobile devices. By so doing, it will become easy for you to monitor activities in and around your home without much stress.

Protecting your home is a great thing that you shouldn’t joke with. Here are top 7 home security features that will keep your family safe:

Alarm Systems

It is important to install alarm systems on your doors and windows- this will alert you to any unexpected or suspicious activity. A good alarm system company like Verisure can answer questions and assist you in choosing the system you’ll need for your home.

If you have children in your house, it is necessary to teach them the best way to use the system. This will enable them to enter and leave your house safely so that there won’t be any false alarm.

Door and window sensors

Doors and window sensors are necessary; you can use them to provide great security to your loved ones. Putting sensors in your home is good, it can help you to perfectly avoid environmental hazards and detect intrusions.

Motion sensors are good; it can assist your households to ensure they don’t get into any form of mischief. You can install them on cleaning supply closets, pool gates, medicine cabinets, gun safes and lots more.

More so, you can program audible prompt alerts, which will notify you if anyone opens your door or window. This is highly recommended if you are staying in different rooms with your kids. One more thing, make sure you place motion detector sensors above your children’s height; this will to a great extent avoid false activation.

Wireless Home Protection System

To keep your family safe, you will need to install window alarms and wireless doors. The beauty of these magnetic alarms is that they protect children, mental ailment patients, adults and special children.

They can be attached to your cabinets or storage rooms, refrigerators, garage, windows, and doors. They will keep you alerted and protect your kids from all possible unforeseen harms, especially if they get out of the house without you knowing that they have stepped out of the house.

Install a home security system

To keep your households safe, it is necessary you install a wireless door alarm, this will prevent some dangers or risks. The home security system will be structured in a way that the alarm will make noise if someone opens the door. For instance, you will be informed if one of your households wants to leave the house without your knowledge.

Keep up with home maintenance and lighting 

The benefits of illuminating your home can never be overemphasized; it can add beauty to your home. Your home will look pleasant and be inviting if it is well illuminated. Make sure you install LED yard lighting because it is less likely going to attract mosquitoes than installing incandescent lights.

Keeping up with home maintenance and lighting is important. To allow guests to find your home without stress, you need to illuminate the outdoor areas like entryways, garages, driveways, and sidewalks. The more lighting, the safer your outdoor areas become.

Magnetic door alarms

Installing magnetic door alarms is the best solution for your home. Some analysts say that it guarantees the overall security of your family- this is the best way to protect your home from intruders and monitor carbon monoxide levels and heat.

There are various types of magnetic door alarms such as door stop alarms, wireless door alarms, and doorknob alarms. They are exceedingly good for your homes.

Install deadbolt locks on all exterior doors

Installing deadbolt locks on all your exterior doors will serve as an added security for your home. The first thing you need to do is to determine where to install the deadbolt lock and make sure that the placement does not in any way interfere with the hatch on your screen or storm door.

Try a VoDool Full HD WiFi Camera

Small, compact and discrete, Vodool makes a camera that not only makes it easy to keep an eye on the happenings inside your home, but with it’s built in night vision, you can even watch the goings on outside as well. Imagine being able to see the babysitter in action while you are at work! I am so excited about this camera and the possibilities that it can offer the average family. Amazon sells this little beauty and it allows every family the same luxury of this technology. 

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